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Hey, people that go to the games

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by tbl, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. tbl

    tbl SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Do a favor for those of us that can't...


    That looked pathetic on TV. In the first couple of minutes of the 4th qtr, there were TONS of empty seats all over the place. I honestly don't get it...
  2. birddog

    birddog SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    here we go.

    can o' worms.

  3. goingoneight

    goingoneight I said Biiiiiiiitch--

    Maybe leaving the Texas game early was wrong, but dude, that game was f****** cold, and we did kinda OWN them. All people who left included, I still think that's the biggest crowd CU's seen all year...
  4. batonrougesooner

    batonrougesooner New Member

    What you saw was the student section.

    They were just getting their drunk on.

    Tune to ESPN2 right now. These are some empty stands!

    It isn't even raining in Baton Rouge.

    That is pathetic.
  5. The Maestro

    The Maestro SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    It was lame and I agree. I am 35 and when I get the chance to get back to OK I weasle my way into the student section. If you idiots cannot figure out how to get a flask into the student section...GET BETTER!!! It looked like an ASU crowd in the 4th quarter. OU home crowds, I will always contend...minus the 2000 Nebraska game...are completely overrated. OU road crowds are MUCH better!
  6. Sooner_Havok

    Sooner_Havok SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    It was cold, no ****! Did those who left early because they were cold not watch a weather report? Dress appropriately or don't complain. Who went to that game not knowing it was going to be cold?
  7. SoonerObsession

    SoonerObsession New Member

    PM me if you don't want your Tech tickets. I can't afford to buy them, but you better believe I would show up and stay till the last tick of the clock.
  8. BASSooner

    BASSooner New Member

    I stayed the whooole game today..the weather was still killin me though.
  9. goingoneight

    goingoneight I said Biiiiiiiitch--

    And I'm sure even the best of fans would stay in place with that kind of a lead in those temperatures. Look, I wasn't there, but I went to the 2000 BIG 12 Title game, and let me tell you, close game, electric atmosphere, but everyone there had it in the back of their minds, "come on hurry up and win this..." The game wasn't at all favoring CU... Personally, I would have left only a minute or so early, given the game was put away, which it was. Now, folks who leave after like, a kick return for a TD to start the second half, now that's rediculous...
  10. SoonerStud615

    SoonerStud615 New Member

    I stayed until 0:00, but can really understand why people left. I was in the south endzone with the brutal north wind in my face and it was tough to endure, but i havent left a game early since the '03 Big XII Championship.
  11. OUstud

    OUstud New Member

    The game taught me that my jeans are not wind resistant in any way, shape, or form. Guess it didn't help that my entire row for sections was empty so nothing was blocking it.
  12. silverwheels

    silverwheels SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    It was pretty damn cold. I showed up wearing just two shirts, because the temps I could handle, but that wind was evil, so I had to buy a hoodie at halftime. Didn't matter, though. I stayed until the clock read 0:00.
  13. birddog

    birddog SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    that could be the greatest avatar i've ever seen. is it supposed to move like a .gif?
  14. Soonerus

    Soonerus SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I stayed until the end but given the nature of the game and the real wind chill, I don't fault those who left...It was a game similar to the Cotton Bowl game against Arkansas, you felt like Colorado might play a week or two before they ever scored a touchdown...
  15. NUSooner

    NUSooner New Member

    I stayed until the final touchdown, but I can't blame those who left...the thought crossed my mind and I'm as "stay until it's over" as it gets. Student section always looks worse as far as "filled in" goes because general admission just moves all of the people in the last section over as people start leaving. In reality, lots of people left all over the place.
  16. Sooner98

    Sooner98 New Member

    I'll admit, I was completely unaware today exactly how cold it was going to get. I'll never make that mistake again - I was way under-dressed (sweatshirt and jeans). I lasted until we went up 17-0, then I just couldn't take it anymore. Soonerus nailed it with the Arkansas game analogy, it was a very boring game with our vanilla offense, and Colorado's complete lack of offense. I guarantee that every elite team's stadiums would have been the same way at that point, in that type of game, under those conditions.
  17. Ash

    Ash New Member

    I second this motion. Plus, I'll provide parking for a select number of coming-alongers.
  18. OUstud

    OUstud New Member

    I was impressed with how big the crowd was though, considering AD was out, CU was bad, it was cold, etc...
  19. Snrfn4ever08

    Snrfn4ever08 New Member

    On the way to the game, there was hardly any traffic to speak of coming down sooner, and this was about 2 hours before kickoff. That's very rare. I didn't think the stadium would fill up at all. It looked empty up until kickoff
  20. Soonerus

    Soonerus SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I think the student section seats about 8 people for every three seats near the fifty giving the appearance some students didn't show up...the students do a good job but they bailed out after halftime like it was O'Connell's last weekend though....

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