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Good morning OU Fans.

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by bc2573, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. bc2573

    bc2573 New Member

    I haven't been over here in a long long time and thought I would drop by and say hello. In a couple of short weeks our teams will line up to determine who will be one of the representatives in the CFP National Championship Game. Before I forget I wanted to congratulate your QB Kyler Murray on his Heisman Trophy win last Saturday. Without a doubt a great QB and competitor.

    The reason I dropped by is something that actually happened over 15 years ago. Back in the early 2000's our teams had a two game series. We weren't doing so hot during those years and was wallowing in mediocrity from terrible coaching and NCAA probation. I attended both of those games and I cannot begin to tell you the class that your fans displayed towards us. Not only that, but when a historically good team falters for several years you have no shortage of haters and we didn't have many friends supporting us. It made it very difficult to interact on message boards. I remember posting on this board a good bit and reading the Oklahoma fans interaction with the Bama fans. Instead of laughing and ridiculing us, you guys stood by us and encouraged us to keep our heads up and that better times were ahead. I just wanted you guys to know that I always respected that and never forgot about it. #respect.
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