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Former pharmacist Jerome Ersland loses appeal

Discussion in 'South Oval' started by Midtowner, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. ouwasp

    ouwasp New Member

    it's a shame the worthless POS kid put himself in a position to get shot a lot of times. But couldn't Ersland have been found guilty of a lesser "crime of passion"?
  2. KantoSooner

    KantoSooner SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    yes, he could have been. It's my take (and I am only a casual observer) that the video and his ever changing story did him in. The court decided he was gaming them and took him to the house.
  3. Killerbees

    Killerbees Active Member

    Its a tough and unique situation. Your right to defend yourself, your family and your property are well established here. The simple fact that these thugs walked in there with intent to commit a felony placed Ersland well within his rights to pull his gun and eliminate the threat.

    If he would have stopped there then we wouldn't be having this discussion. Your rights do not include the right to casually stroll around pumping downed bad guys full of lead to make sure they are dead. 90% of people are gonna see the truth of that and disagree with his actions after he reentered the store. Add to the fact that he was too dumb to keep his mouth shut and his story kept evolving (to put it nicely) its a slam dunk conviction.

    The only thing that could have got him a lesser charge is sympathy. Letter of the law its murder 1. He lost his chance when he lost sympathy by lying. Fair? no. Dumb? definately.

    Its hard to put yourself in Erslands shoes and say what you would have or wouldn't have done but I cannot imagine myself being able to pull the trigger on a kid (thug or no) after he had been unconcious for several minutes and clearly presented no threat. I would also find it hard to vote guilty if had been one of his jurors but faced with only that charge as a choice I would have done it. Dunno how that works but if they could have considered a lessor charge then I would have been all for that.
  4. FirstandGoal

    FirstandGoal New Member

    I still think that if he had just STFU and let an attorney do all of his talking for him, he could have claimed that he was so traumatized by the events that there was a possibility he could have walked. At the very least it could have been a lesser charge.

    Shooting 5 more times didn't keep him behind bars. It was his big fat mouth that did it.
  5. olevetonahill

    olevetonahill Well-Known Member

    But only hardened Crooks have enough sense to Keep their mouths shut. The Innocent or in this case Not a really bad guy. Cant help but try to explain everything in DETAIL

    Every one has the RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT Very few have the Ability to.
  6. Midtowner

    Midtowner New Member

    Word is, his attorney received an offer for a plea of guilty in exchange for little to no jail time. I guess he thought less of Oklahoma juries and that he could shoot for some sort of jury nullification type verdict. Under the law, the jury did the right thing. The Oklahoma DA's office is incredibly freaking reasonable. I'm not saying Box's defense wasn't zealous, it was just, at least in my opinion, overeager and underestimating the jury pool.
  7. Midtowner

    Midtowner New Member

    Too right, but I think you'll have to admit, in this case, it was a lot more than just not keeping his mouth shut. He claimed to be a war veteran, he lied. He claimed he was shot and tried to falsify an injury. He gave multiple accounts of what happened. It was very clear that Box's strategy was to taint the jury pool and get the jury to acquit regardless of the evidence. Unfortunately, Ersland came off as just plain creepy.

    One good sign of an unclean conscience is the sudden overt display of godliness by felony defendants:


    I don't recall a picture with him wearing a giant cross and carrying around a Bible until he stood for trial.. funny how they do that. I tend to think jurors look at that sort of display and think someone's trying to sell them a bill of goods.
  8. olevetonahill

    olevetonahill Well-Known Member

    So what yer sayin is he DIDNT REMAIN SILENT! Duh F&G and I both said that
  9. Midtowner

    Midtowner New Member

    Even if he was silent, the video would've done him in.

    There's no explanation for it. Parker was unarmed, the evidence showed he wasn't moving when he was executed.
  10. One4OU

    One4OU New Member

    I have only been follow this case through here but have the kids parents, both of the deceased and alive, made any comments regarding the case?

    Im mot sure what my thoughts would be if my kid was part of the crime.

    My wife is a pharmacist and their are some real nutjobs that come in everday trying to scam to get their drug fix.
  11. Midtowner

    Midtowner New Member

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