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First Drink

Discussion in 'South Oval' started by Oldnslo, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Oldnslo

    Oldnslo Radioman

    The Wife Unit fails to share my opinion on a topic.

    If you can tell the story, what was the first time you had even a sip of alcohol? How old were you? Who did you have that "at least a sip" with?

    And now, do you drink? Do you think that first sip had anything to do with it?
  2. soonerchk

    soonerchk New Member

    Wine or beer before the age of 5 (European grandfather), yes I do drink but not much and I never really have been a big drinker.
  3. yankee

    yankee New Member

    Summer after my JR year in HS. Me and a bunch of friends went to one of our buddy's house because his parents were out of town...Downed that Mike's Hard Lemonade and Smirnoff like it was water. Found warm bottles of Heineken in a cabinet later that night...let's just say I haven't had any Heineken since then...

    And I gave up drinking for a while due to some personal reasons, but now that I am 21, I enjoy a nice cold brew every once in a while.
  4. jk the sooner fan

    jk the sooner fan loved by all

    sips of beer with my grandparents at Shotgun Sams in Oklahoma City back when i was 10 or so

    yes,i still drink - normally a beer each evening with dinner

    i havent been "drunk" in close to 20 years, dont miss that at all
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  5. Jammin'

    Jammin' Well-Known Member

    I was around 6 probably (4-10 y.o. is about all I can say for sure). It was beer from my dad's can.

    I still drink. I don't think it had anything to do with it other than I saw he didn't get ****faced drunk everytime he had a beer and I'm the same. Have a few beers, chill out, etc...

    Good luck winning this one buddy.
  6. olevetonahill

    olevetonahill Well-Known Member

    Its were some time when I were wee lad 8 maybe 9

    Sister and I snuck us a beer each from dads stash. Hell yea I drink I blame it on that 1st one so it must be Dads fault .;)
  7. The

    The SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    5 years old. Busch Gardens with my dad and one of his buds. "Beer in the cup, bottle in the box, move along, sir". Ask for drink, get a sip, am horribly disgusted.

    Do I drink now? Any man that doesn't drink is afraid of something within himself. I have no such fears.
  8. OutlandTrophy

    OutlandTrophy New Member

    My job was to go get my dad beers if he was watching the game. I would always stop out of arm's reach, pop the top, have a swig and then hand it to him. So I'd say I was 6, 7 or 8.

    Was a pretty heavy drinker in my 20s but now that I'm married I don't drink to get drunk like I did 5 years ago.
  9. JohnnyMack

    JohnnyMack SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I was probably somewhere around 8 or 9. The neighbors across the street were older and they had a grandson that was my age. I was playing at their house one summer day and the grandson and I snuck a drink of scotch that was in a crystal decanter.
  10. OhU1

    OhU1 New Member

    Plenty of sips from dad, nothing memorable. First buzz was was with an older co-worker at a place I worked in high school.

    First off the chart drunk was sipping a little of this and a little of that that I snuck out from dad's liquor cabinet one night when I was 16. While not necessarily a life changing moment I am not fond of liquor at all - and gin still gives me the chills.
  11. KantoSooner

    KantoSooner SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Germany, with my folks age 10 or 11. Still drink, though for work reasons there's no real pattern. (meaning I drank like a British sailor when I worked primarily sales and entertained six nights a week - then when I was doing project oversight, wouldn't drink at all for months when we were in the field).

    Same pretty much with the dubage: daily from age 16 to 26 (during which time I also scored an 800/740 on the SATs and got an academic ride to a nice-ish undergrad school in Mass). Haven't since then for the simple reason that our authorities, in their misguided zeal, have made the consequences too severe.

    It's a very personal thing, using mind altering substances. I am not sure you can characterize the motivations that drive usage.
  12. Wishboned

    Wishboned New Member

    I had a drink of my stepdad's rum and coke when I was in 8th grade...about 13 I think.

    Didn't take another drink of anything until I was 17.

    I drink occasionally. I get really tore up about twice a year. Other than that I don't drink that often.
  13. Turd_Ferguson

    Turd_Ferguson SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    My family drank tea...a lot. My dad drank bourbon and water, which looked identical to tea. One day, when I was 6 or so, I cam running through the living room(prolly run'n code brown to the ****ter), grabbed my dad's cup, took a big'o swig and made the nasty face...my dad laughed harder than I ever remember...
  14. 3rdgensooner

    3rdgensooner What?

    As a child I often took "just a sip" of whatever my parents were drinking. I specifically remember beer, wine and a vodka gimlet.

    Yes, and no.

    Individual differences in things like temperament, risk taking, and austerity are more likely to explain variations in drinking behaviors.
  15. soonerchk

    soonerchk New Member

    Gin is the urine of goats.
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  16. Mississippi Sooner

    Mississippi Sooner New Member

    Like others have said, I had sips out of my dad's beer can about as far back as I can remember. I do remember the first time I got plowed, though. 18 year olds could still buy beer at convenience stores in Oklahoma, so it was no problem for me to get it when I was 16. Me and a couple of buddies went in together and bought about a case and a half of Bud and then went on an "all night fishing trip." I plainly remember swearing the next morning that I'd never do that again.

    I still drink more beer than any man probably should, and do like to sip on some tequila or good whiskey from time to time. I try to limit the hard stuff, though, because my granddad was a hardcore alcoholic, and it killed him way before his time.
  17. The Maestro

    The Maestro SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Didn't get my hands on it until October 14th, 1988, my Senior year in high school, the night before OU whipped K-State in Norman. I had five peach Bartles and James wine coolers. Hammered. Now that would just make me pee.

    I am a regular drinker. I usually work all day, workout, hang with the kids and play with them at night...get them in bed...and then once the night is done and time to relax, I like a good stiff drink. Probably four nights a week. I have no problem with it. Helps me unwind. Use to drink dark stuff and will when with friends...Bourbon, Crown, etc. Most nights it is just vodka with some gatorade and 7 up to keep it simple and light. Love wine, just like the really expensive kinds so stick with vodka cause a bottle lasts me longer.

    I drink...I like it...and have some of my favorite memories with a cocktail in hand.
  18. The

    The SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Gin is the tonic of the soul.
  19. KantoSooner

    KantoSooner SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I'd always wondered what the urine of goats was like.

    Thanks for obviating the need for me to do my own empirical testing.

    Are there other weird things you've tasted? This could save me a lot of time.
  20. Mjcpr

    Mjcpr SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I drink anywhere between 27 and 34 beers per night.

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