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Fans at OSU game

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by OUwinsagain, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. OUwinsagain

    OUwinsagain New Member

    Good job if you were at the game! I could hear the OU fans supporting the Sooners all night long! I hope we have a good showing at the Big 12 considering MU is less than 2 hours away and Norman is well over a 5 hour drive.
  2. BermudaSooner

    BermudaSooner Well-Known Member

    Well thank you very much. I hope I get a game ball like in the Tech game...although I'm still waiting on that ball from Coach Stoops.

    See you in KC!
  3. XFollower

    XFollower Well-Known Member

    I could hear you on TV. Also, I had a fellow poke friend who whined because there were way too many OU fans there. Thanks to you lame poke fans who sold your tickets to a sooner!
  4. Redshirt

    Redshirt New Member

    There are a lot of poke fans that will have a little extra Christmas money this year because they sold their tickets to Sooner fans. There was Crimson sprinkled throughout the stadium and the aggy faithful were showing signs of having a coronary in the 4th quarter when we nailed a lid on the game.

    I bought 3 tickets 30 minutes before the game below face value as the scalpers were getting nervous. When we got to our seats we were surrounded by that safety orange color and I felt way outnumbered. When we picked off that pass in the first quarter, I screamed out and gave myself away only to find out that every 3rd or 4th person was an OU fan.

    The words got ugly at times (especially when you are with your ten year old son) and the insults were flying but our fans made a great showing. We yelled and screamed as loud as we could. Great fun.
  5. SoonerPriv

    SoonerPriv New Member

  6. Taxman71

    Taxman71 New Member

    I only ran into 1 or 2 bad aggie fans. I sat in some pretty sweet seats (45 yard line, 8th row) and got the feeling most of the osu fans around me either didn't come to alot of games or know anything about football. They were silent except when their team scored when they would go crazy.

    Being that close, I did quite a bit of yelling/whistling when osu had the ball near midfield and the looks from osu fans were priceless....it was like they had never had a visiting fan around them before.

    That said, their new stadium is now a very nice to watch a game...very cozy and loud.

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