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Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by Jason White's Third Knee, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. walkoffsooner

    walkoffsooner New Member

    He will go #1 he is goooooon

    You owe me a meal Jerry.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2006
  2. mrowl

    mrowl SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    the title of this thread needs to be changed, first, cause this article is old, 2nd, cause the article does not say he is staying, only rumor.
  3. soonerlaw

    soonerlaw New Member

    I agree, if this last game (and this whole season really) doesn't bolt him to top 5, then nothing will.
  4. JLB

    JLB New Member

    He should take the money and run.It would not do him any good to stay.
    The only people that would benefit from him staying is Mack and the Texas
    Football program.
  5. NormanPride

    NormanPride SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I think VY would make the Jets a pretty good team if he went there. In a couple years, they could be the new Iggles.
  6. yermom

    yermom Stayatworkdad

    who gets the top 5 picks?

    Houston and SF don't really need a QB

    the Saints? the Titans?
  7. Jason White's Third Knee

    Jason White's Third Knee SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Houston should take him. They need a good receiver.
  8. caphorns

    caphorns New Member

    Top 3 would make sense if Vince were picked ahead of Leinart -

    Texans - Bush. Casserly has manlove for Reggie. Will help take pressure of Johnson. Bush is a freak of a talent. Texans are still solid on Carr and they probably should be. Given time to throw and improved weaponry, Carr can do some damage.

    Saints - Vince. Leinart doesn't bring the star power of Vince. Nobody has seen more of what a mobile QB can do to you than the Aints. He fits in the mold of the old Archie Manning legend - a dude that can make plays while running for his life. Vince also secures for the Saints a brand new fan base - Houston fans who are sick of the Texans. Hell half of the Saints fans now live in Houston.

    Titans - Leinart. Reunion of Leinart with Norm Chow. Don't you know Chow is soiling himself regularly at the thought.

    This stands to be one of the better (and most expensive) 1-2-3 NFL draft picks.
  9. Widescreen

    Widescreen SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Staying at Texas will not change VY's release point. Why would Texas try to change anything about the way he plays now??? His mechanics will not change until he goes to the NFL.
  10. Scott D

    Scott D SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    get back to me in 10 days on this subject.

    TXBOOMER New Member

    Generally, the teams with the first ten picks in the draft suck. If VY is waiting for a good team to be picking in the top ten he is dumber than he sounds. F texass!
  12. StoopTroup

    StoopTroup New Member

    Fixed. :D
  13. MojoRisen

    MojoRisen New Member

    Can anyone put an analysis together for what Vince stands to make going number 123 in the draft this year- compared to 15th next year and the difference between going 123 this and lasting 4 years in the NFL or going 15th and lasting 7 years.

    Just curious.
  14. josh09

    josh09 New Member

    hes gonna go, but if he doesnt....

    BRING HIM OOOOON!!! i REALLY want another shot at him, cuz hes been gettin to cocky lately.
  15. achiro

    achiro SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Doesn't this whole "analysis" go out the window depending on the new coaches at Houston and NO and their style of coaching/offense?
  16. sooneron

    sooneron Soonerfans.com Elitist

    What about him going to Tenn? He and McNair are buds and McNair's entering the twilight.
    I know it also makes sense for the texans to trade Carr, They could plug Vince in and he can run for his life with their hemmoragic Oline until it matures with the picks that they got for Carr...
    N'awlins makes the most sense, however.
  17. JLB

    JLB New Member

    Really,I hope the pseudo quarterback stays for his senior year.Vince didn't really light it up against us.That long run by Charles and a couple of busted plays and the score would have been different.Not to mention AD was hurt,and a worm at QB.
    Our Defense is set up to stop running QB's.And I want to see the number 1 team fall to the Sooners next year,and propel us,full of confidence into the Big 12 title game.
  18. sooneron

    sooneron Soonerfans.com Elitist

    We will still need to improve a lot between now and then
  19. Texas Golfer

    Texas Golfer SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    This article about Vinny staying is yesterday's news. Today, he's still saying that he will discuss his options with his family and close circle of friends.

    I heard on ESPN Radio today that the Houston Texans front office is getting bombarded with calls and emails to draft Vinny #1 which would literally make him a home town favorite.

    After last night's performance, Vinny's stock will be no higher than it is right now. I said the same thing about Leinart last year and I was right. Matty would have been the #1 pick. Now, he'll be lucky to be #3. He, literally, lost million$.

    I think, if the Texans can assure Vinny that he'd be their first pick, Vinny would bolt for the NFL.
  20. Blue

    Blue SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I see him with the Saints at #2. They have a history of making bad decisions. Does he want to go to the Saints? Does anybody? How cool would it be to see Vick vs. Young twice a year though.

    I agree with Cap.

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