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Did anyone catch Letterman?

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by Eddie Money, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. Eddie Money

    Eddie Money Active Member

    I think it was the Monday night show, but I'm not sure because the programming here is random and delayed. Anyway, the reason I ask is Dave was talking to Rupert the Asian Deli guy and he (Rupert) was wearing an OU shirt. I was in the gym so I couldn't hear what was being said, but I thought surely it was a shout out because they thought we got screwed too. Or do I just have the Crimson glasses on?

    I haven't watched in a while, so maybe he has a thing like Ted Knight on Too Close For Comfort where he wore a diffeerent college's shirt every day, I dunno. Also there was a black guy in there.
  2. sooneron

    sooneron Soonerfans.com Elitist

    Rupert has worn the OU shirt in the past. Didn't see it.
  3. 85Sooner

    85Sooner SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Yeah I saw that but didn't hear anything either.
  4. bstuff1979

    bstuff1979 New Member

    saw the OU shirt, but tuned in about a minute too late to hear anything but random banter about a puppet. on a somewhat related note, letterman had on a red tie and dr. phil (the guest for the night) had on a red shirt. coincidence? absolutely, but it would be interesting to hear if they mentioned the screw job.
  5. Got Rice OU

    Got Rice OU New Member

    anyone have a screenshot?
  6. GDN

    GDN New Member

    I Tivo Letterman every night, but seldom have time to watch - I was skipping through last night and caught Rupert in the shirt - I was very surprised - I had never seen him wear that. I went back and watched the whole show - not another word was ever mentioned. I don't remember if I deleted it or not - if it is still there tonight I'll try to take a still shot of it and post.
  7. Saw the commercial, but don't know if anything was said....

    I've seen him wearing a Hook 'em shirt before too though.
  8. william_brasky

    william_brasky New Member

    Rupert has been making the phone call death threats.
  9. SoonerObsession

    SoonerObsession New Member

    I've seen him wear a Nebraska and Ohio State t-shirt before.
  10. Sooner_75

    Sooner_75 New Member

    I have seen him wearing an OU shirt on a few occasions here is one from a few years ago.

  11. kingswitz

    kingswitz New Member

    Rupert has said many times before that he recieves them from all over the country in the mail. He said on a previous show that he just wears them because they are free.

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