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Can We Pull Off Seven Straight Wins..??

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by Blues1, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. Blues1

    Blues1 New Member

    Without AD are We Ready For This...??

    Looking at Our Schedule Looks to me The Mizzou Game Now Holds "The Key" to the rest of our Schedule....

    We Win Saturday and we should have a Good *Confidence Factor* working for our Benefit

    We Lose this weekend and it looks to me the Season could be up for grabs --

    2 Wins Down - FIVE Wins to Go...!!! -- The Time to Get Rockin' is at Hand.....
    Some "Sooner Magic" Sure Wouldn't Hurt..... The Real Facts Are:

    Worst Case - 5 and 7
    Best Case -10 and 2

    Sept 2 vs. UAB W 24 - 17
    Sept 9 vs. Washington W 37 - 20
    Sept 16 at Oregon L 33 - 34
    Sept 23 vs. Middle Tennessee W 59 - 0
    Oct 7 vs. Texas L 10 - 28

    *Oct 14 vs. Iowa State W 34 - 9
    *Oct 21 vs. Colorado W 24 - 3

    *Oct 28 at Missouri 12:00 PM ET

    *Nov 4 at Texas A&M 2:00 PM ET
    *Nov 11 vs. Texas Tech TBA
    *Nov 18 at Baylor TBA
    *Nov 25 at Oklahoma State 2:30 PM ET

    *Bowl Game...??? (Need One For AD to have One More Game)
  2. BIG_IKE

    BIG_IKE New Member

    We could...
    The only downside would be if us and Nebraska won out we would help UT's NC chances by increasing their BCS rating...

    That being said, them winnng out and us winning out increases our chances at an at-large BCs bid.

    There is gonna be a ton of losses in the next month to Top 10 teams because they all play eachother. UT and OU should both win out, putting us in prime position to take advantage of it.

    An ideal situation though, would be for us to win out and UT to lose two, then we could snatch a automatic BCS bid by winning the CCG, but that seems unlikely. Not impossible...but unlikely.
  3. Tear Down This Wall

    Tear Down This Wall Well-Known Member

    Let me just say this...the Big 12 is crappy enough for anything to happen - except Baylor or Tech to win the conference. It's not that crappy yet. That's Sun Belt-level crappy.

    SOONERKAT New Member

    We are going to find out all we need to know about OUr chances this weekend. The rest of the teams we play, save for A&M, live and die by the pass. If we can't shut down MU, then we are going to have problems with Tech, and yes, even Baylor and the pokes. The D has stepped up big time in the last few games, and shut down ISU's passing game as well, so I am pretty confident that it can be done. Regardless, the run to a bowl game will be some good football for sure.
  5. westcoast_sooner

    westcoast_sooner Well-Known Member

    4 of our last 5 are on the road. It's going to be tough to run the table, but not impossible. This bunch is starting to come along as a team, and I think better than last year. The guys we had last year started off slowly, and just kept getting better. But we still had some senior experience we lost, and had to come back and somewhat rebuild/retool. This year, the kids also got off to a slow start, and we've had to deal with nothing but adversity. Our QB is playing much much better than most expected, and a lot of the young guys are making plays.

    I think the game tomorrow will tell us what we've got, but we've already been to Eugene and to Dallas. I'd say both of those were tougher games than tomorrow's will be.
  6. BIG_IKE

    BIG_IKE New Member

    How is the Big 12 crappy, when none of our remaining games are a gimmee,
    Texas is tough, Nebraska is tough...

    It's people that think like you that have teams like West Virginia and some overrated SEC teams at the top of the rankings.

    We are not as bad as people make it seem and we prove it every year during Bowl Season.
    SEC teams beating eachother= SEc is tough
    OU & NU not being undefeated = Big 12 is crappy

    That is total crap.:mad:
  7. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    Now that the 47 record is no longer at risk, Texas will turn back into Texas soon enough... and they will lose the nat'l title if they arrive there, which they won't.
  8. BIG_IKE

    BIG_IKE New Member

    You brought up a good point...

    2006 Texas A&M > 2005 Texas A&M
    2006 OU > 2005 OU
    2006 MU > 2005 MU
    2006 NU > 2005 NU
    2006 Baylor > 2005 Baylor
    2006 Texas < 2005 Texas But still a top 5 team...

    Now that I think about it...
    2006 K-State > 2005 K-State
    2006 O-State > 2005 O-State

    Kansas is Kansas
    Iowa State is down, but not out, they have a favorable remaining schedule
    Colorado is down
    Texas Tech is inconsistent, but still a threat to most.

    Is the Big 10 better top to bottom? No
    Big East? No
    ACC? No
    PAc-10? No
    Big-10? NO
    SEC? Maybe...but maybe not.
  9. OSUAggie

    OSUAggie New Member

    OSU and A&M are 2 of maybe 5 (somewhere around there) teams that avg. over 200 yards rushing and passing....
  10. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    Oh no, another aggie. I think Satan is a tad chilled right now ;)
  11. TJKDone

    TJKDone New Member


    It is in the realm of possibility, but "confidence" won't be able to replace AP. You'll do well though.

  12. Blues1

    Blues1 New Member

    "IF" OU does Finish Out with 7 Straight Wins ..?? - With everything thats happened at OU this year - Bob Stoops should be Looked at For "Coach of the Year" even though that award will probably go to the Coach of the National Champs....

    Worst Case 5 and 7
    Best Case 10 and 2

    Las Vegas Odds are most Likely somewhere in-Between Worst & Best

    Pick One

    6 and 6
    7 and 5
    8 and 4
    9 and 3
    10 and 2

    To Be Cont' Late Saturday Afternoon.....
  13. Tear Down This Wall

    Tear Down This Wall Well-Known Member

    Texas is tough? Really? Because they beat North Texas? Rice? Sam Houston State? Iowa State? Us? You've got to be kidding. The only real team they played this year has been Ohio State, who kicked the crap out them on their own turf.

    Nebraska? I don't know which is more impressive, the Louisiana Tech, Nicholls State, or Troy State win. Maybe it was being forced into overtime, at home, by Kansas. Wow. Now, that's impressive.

    For your edification, The Big 12's out of conference record against ranked teams in 2006

    Missouri: played no ranked out of conference teams. They did beat I-AA Murray State, though.
    Nebraska: 0-1, lost to USC. They did manage a win versus I-AA Nicholls State.
    Kansas State: 0-1, lost to Louisville. They did squeek by I-AA Illinois State 24-23. A nailbiter at home. That's great football.
    Colorado: 0-2, losses to Arizona State and Georgia. Also, a loss to I-AA Montana State. If that doesn't scream out, 'Excellent football is played here in the Big 12 in 2006' I don't know what does.
    Kansas: did not play any ranked out of conference teams. They did manhandle I-AA Northwestern State and squeek by Sun Belt Conference patsy Louisiana-Monroe. Quite a resume.
    Iowa State: 0-1, lost to Iowa. No matter, they eeked out a 28-27 victory over I-AA Northern Iowa, who were playing without Kurt Warner.

    Big 12 North versus ranked out of conference opponents in 2006: 0-5
    Losses to I-AA teams: 1
    One point wins at home over I-AA teams: 2

    Power stuff in the Big 12 North this year.

    Texas: 0-1, clobbered by Ohio State at home. No worries, they rebounded in time for a home game with I-AA Sam Houston State.
    Texas A&M: did not play any ranked teams; they did hang 35 on I-AA The Citadel in a win. That's right. A whole 35 against I-AA The Citidel. In their defense, I guess you could point out their 51-7 win versus Sun Belt title contender Louisiana-Lafayette. I mean, I guess you could. And, from the sounds of it, you probably would.
    Baylor: 0-1, lost to TCU. They did, however, later beat I-AA Northwestern State. Yes, the same Northwestern State Kansas beat. I didn't know Northwestern State was a Big 12 team. They sure are popular with the Kansas' and Baylors of the world, though.
    Oklahoma: 0-1, lost to Oregon. To our credit, we did not schedule any I-AA teams. Also, we shut out our Sun Belt Conference opponent, Middle Tennessee State. That was a thrill worth writing home about.
    Texas Tech: 0-1, lost to TCU (hmmm...maybe TCU should be in the Big 12. No one in the conference can beat them anymore. That's different than the current private school we have in the conference.); Texas Tech rebounded from the TCU fiasco to beat I-AA Southeastern Louisiana 62-0. Hey, at least SE Lou didn't take Tech to the wire like I-AA teams did to the Big 12 North "powers."
    Oklahoma State: played no ranked out of conference teams. The Pokes opened 2006 with I-AA Missouri State before moving onto Sun Belt megaforces Arkansas State and Florida Atlantic. Okay, so Oklahoma State did have the balls to play the Sun Belt's Arkansas State on the road. I mean, that could have been bad. Heck, a few years ago Baylor lost 52-10 to Sun Belt power North Texas when they visited the Mean Green in Denton. I mean, Arkansas State could have won, in theory...or, in Boulder :D

    Big 12 South versus ranked non-conference opponents in 2006: 0-4
    Losses to I-AA teams - and, see, this is obviously where the national media isn't giving us our due in the Big 12 South. I mean look at the way Texas and Texas Tech manhanded Sam Houston State and Southeastern Louisiana.
    One point wins at home over I-AA teams: 0 - again, the Big 12 South obviously knows how to take care of business at home against the giants of the I-AA.

    I'm not great a math, but it looks like the Big 12 went 0-9 versus ranked, non-conference opponents in 2006. Gee, and the media isn't fawning all over us. I can't imagine why not. I mean, out of 12 teams, only one didn't even schedule a I-AA team.

    What a crazy, messed up world we live in.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2006
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  14. OSUAggie

    OSUAggie New Member

    Conversely, the SEC non-con schedule is even worse than the Big XII non-con schedule, somehow, but at least they beat 1-AA teams... except when Maine comes down to play every now and then.
  15. 12

    12 SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Whew, TDTW, that was EPIC!!
  16. SicEmBaylor

    SicEmBaylor Baylor Ambassador

    Typically we have a fairly respectable non-conference schedule. Northwestern was an exception but if you want to latch onto that and claim it's par for our non-conf course then you're just dead wrong. If you want to then point fingers at Aggie who routinely schedule these kinds of opponets.

    Yes we lost to TCU but it was the first game of the year having installed a radically new offense than what we used to run. And you can hardly criticize for losing to TCU in the first game of the year...

    We played Washington State tough in Washington who beat Oregon who "officially" beat you (i know i know...).

    The real criticism should be for the Army game which was inexcusable.
  17. birddog

    birddog SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    i think he's criticizing the conference as a whole, not just baylor. he's dead on though, you have to admit that.

    everyone plays weak sisters every year. but its tough to look at wins in conference because you can't make fair comparisons with other conferences.
  18. TheUnnamedSooner

    TheUnnamedSooner Well-Known Member

    Why would we want to replace AP?? That makes no sense, he had 35 carries last week! BTW, I fixed your statement ;)
  19. Blues1

    Blues1 New Member

    3 Straight WINS --- 4 TO GO.....!!!

    Best Case -10 and 2

    Sept 2 vs. UAB W 24 - 17
    Sept 9 vs. Washington W 37 - 20
    Sept 16 at Oregon L 33 - 34
    Sept 23 vs. Middle Tennessee W 59 - 0
    Oct 7 vs. Texas L 10 - 28

    *Oct 14 vs. Iowa State W 34 - 9
    *Oct 21 vs. Colorado W 24 - 3

    *Oct 28 at Missouri W 26 -10

    *Nov 4 at Texas A&M 2:00 PM ET
    *Nov 11 vs. Texas Tech TBA
    *Nov 18 at Baylor TBA
    *Nov 25 at Oklahoma State 2:30 PM ET

    *Bowl Game...??? (Need One For AD to have One More Game)

    Keep R'
  20. King Crimson

    King Crimson SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    we'll have our work cut out for us next week....with 90,000 nutsquezing boyscouts foaming at the mouth.
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