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Discussion in 'Sooner Basketball' started by badger, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. OkieThunderLion

    OkieThunderLion New Member

    Good choice! Autographs are awkward.
  2. Collier11

    Collier11 SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    yea, I have some that I got as gifts but none that I have asked a person for...just weird
  3. 8timechamps

    8timechamps Administrator

    I've always thought that autographs were a kids thing. Don't get me wrong, I love 'em and own several, but I have never had the desire to ask for an autograph. I'd much rather shake the person's hand.

    Speaking of that, I met O.J. Simpson in Vail (the year before the murders), and shook his hand. I remember thinking at the time "Man, those hands are huge, they could do some damage!"....

    Sorry to threadjack.
  4. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    Its ok. I think the brackets are gonna do whatever the hell they do at this point. The only thing left to settle is who the auto bids are via the conference tourneys and if the bubble teams can get some tourney wins to get off the bubble :)

    There's nothing wrong with adults seeking autographs... but I've seen some downright embarrassing adults seeking autographs at OU and elsewhere. Not saying "thank you" afterward? Cutting in front of kids just because you're bigger and stronger and think you can get away with it? Very glad that they changed the "meet the sooners" day to just kids club members. If adults want Stoops' autograph, pay $30 to go to a caravan stop in the summer! [/rant]
  5. 8timechamps

    8timechamps Administrator

    The problem is that the internet ruined it for all the adults. Most people that are singled out for autographs think that the adult is going to sell it, which is probably the case a lot of times. That's why I think it's more of a kids thing, however, I'm sure that there are losers out there that use kids to get autographs so that they can turn around and sell them.
  6. badger

    badger Vacuums eat while yelling

    When I went to the final Big 12 game at Nebrasky (2008? 2009?) it was the year that Sammie had just won the Heisman, but was out with injury, bringing Landry to the starting job.

    He was asked MANY times by visiting Sooners for autographs. He simply looked at the big arse cast on his arm and said sorry, doctor won't allow it. Seriously, you asking an injured guy to sign with his injured arm. Gag.

    Later was the all-time quotable, though, as little kids (with adults not far behind... hmmm...) were chasing down players for autographs. One came back all disgruntled to an adult and said "All I got was Jimmy Stevens!"

    My friends overheard that and lost it.
  7. 8timechamps

    8timechamps Administrator

    I was stuck in the Atlanta airport about 6 or 7 years ago, and was having a beer waiting, when I noticed Michael Irvin come in. He walked up to the bar (right next to me) and ordered a drink. He said something about the delays (there was a big storm delay on the east coast), and me not wanting to look star struck said "Yeah, the things we have to deal with" (I don't know if I was putting he and I in the same category or what, it just kinda came out). Anyway, a waitress came over and said "Can I get an autograph for my kid?", and he replied something like "Sure, come to a signing, pay your money, and I'll give you one". She thought he was kidding, until he said "I ain't joking".

    He seemed like a nice enough guy until that happened.
  8. CowboyMRW

    CowboyMRW Wrestling is OSU

    Boom. Secured the 3 seed today
  9. 8timechamps

    8timechamps Administrator

    Good win, close game.
  10. kevpks

    kevpks New Member

    Is there room for another banner in that dump to commemorate this achievement?


    Bad mood.

  11. Eielson

    Eielson SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    You're probably right. Which is crazy, because I think OU is better (or at least just as good), and we're not terribly far from the bubble.
  12. NormanPride

    NormanPride SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    We earned our sucky seed. Just like Kansas earned the right to give ksu a co banner.
  13. CowboyMRW

    CowboyMRW Wrestling is OSU

    I don't think the TCU loss was a big loss in the big scheme. You get ISU and then Kansas again to pad your résumé. You're not even mentioned on the bubble. You're a lock and will probably be a 7-8 seed.

    It was also Hields first game back in a month and so there were some adjustments to be made.
  14. CowboyMRW

    CowboyMRW Wrestling is OSU

    And also that was a dickish way to say that we got the 3 seed and I apologize for that. I hope i didn't upset anyone by my phrasing.
    8timechamps likes this.
  15. 8timechamps

    8timechamps Administrator

    Cannot argue with this. OU had it's chance to get at least a 3 seed, and blew it. It is what it is.
  16. StoopTroup

    StoopTroup New Member

    I was in the business of them as a Hobby for awhile. It was really fun. Some guys understand that the folks who ask them for a signature are doing it because they are fans. Some think they should receive and make money from their autograph. I like the idea of both. The thing is that for awhile in the 1990's and into the first decade of the Millennium there were so many folks who would forge autographs or worse. It and the FBI Stings that went on after that hurt the business and really put a bad light on those of us that would never deal in forgeries. I've seen some of these guys that for $20 or even less would give you a Certificate of Authenticity that a dog turd was a flawless diamond.

    It really took the fun out of it for me. Upper Deck and a few others tried to help clean up the Autograph Industry and when they did, many Players felt it an opportunity to make a bunch of money on it instead of increase their Fan Base.

    IMHO one of the reasons that Mickey Mantle was so popular was that even though he did make money on many of his autograph sessions....he also would hardly ever turn down some kid that was a fan and wanted him to sign a baseball for him. I met this one gal out in California that would hire inner city kids to hang out at Hotels and such and get free autographs for her.

    Again...the fun is gone. My Son and I still get them but it's just for us and it's mostly Sooners now.
  17. kevpks

    kevpks New Member

    No. I thought it was funny. Both state school fanbases deserve a chance to bask in college basketball relevance again.
  18. 8timechamps

    8timechamps Administrator

    I've always wondered how those guys (the guys with the signed memorabilia stores) make money. I know they don't have to sell a lot of items a month to cover their nut, but I'm sure their inventory is costly. It'd be a tough thing to be successful at, but I know there are some long term folks that have hit home-runs.

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