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Bob Stoops is retiring

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by QuakieOkes, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. mjhurani

    mjhurani Member

    You're missing the point. You think Stoops is the only guy with a "retention bonus" in his contract? Of course not. However, he's the first guy I can remember who "retired" at such an odd time (I've been following CFB since '86 and this kind of timing is extremely rare). You'd think if he really wanted to leave he would have done so before the major recruiting period. Now you've got 20 new kids who thought last Feb when they signed that they'd be playing for Stoops. Uhmm No. So Stoopsie, who has made umteen millions the last 18Y, is suddenly after 700K ??

    And BTW, the Horns site brought it up because they are probably trying to make it look like a money-grab.

    I stand by what I said earlier: If Stoops is on a sideline in Fall 2018, then it's clear he was forced out at OU in some form or fashion.
  2. Jacie

    Jacie SoonerFans.com Elite Member

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