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Bob Stoops is retiring

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by QuakieOkes, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. mjhurani

    mjhurani Member

    You're missing the point. You think Stoops is the only guy with a "retention bonus" in his contract? Of course not. However, he's the first guy I can remember who "retired" at such an odd time (I've been following CFB since '86 and this kind of timing is extremely rare). You'd think if he really wanted to leave he would have done so before the major recruiting period. Now you've got 20 new kids who thought last Feb when they signed that they'd be playing for Stoops. Uhmm No. So Stoopsie, who has made umteen millions the last 18Y, is suddenly after 700K ??

    And BTW, the Horns site brought it up because they are probably trying to make it look like a money-grab.

    I stand by what I said earlier: If Stoops is on a sideline in Fall 2018, then it's clear he was forced out at OU in some form or fashion.
  2. Jacie

    Jacie SoonerFans.com Elite Member

  3. mjhurani

    mjhurani Member

    Yes I saw that a few weeks ago but let's see a year from now in Aug 2018 what he's doing. If he's back on any sideline whether HS, College, or Pro, i think he'll probably regret leaving when he did or he might frustrated about being nudged out
  4. Jacie

    Jacie SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    So in one year, if Bob Stoops has not returned to coaching at any level, then will you accept that he left on his terms?
  5. mjhurani

    mjhurani Member

    The more I think about it, coaches can typically resist the urge for one year but when the next year comes around it's very tough to avoid.

    I will say that if Bob Stoops is NOT a coach at ANY level for the 2018 season.

    We can discuss in late August 2018 when he will be coaching *somewhere* again LOL
  6. mjhurani

    mjhurani Member

    I am ALL over the map here. I mean I think he'll coach by the 2019 season. This season I think he keeps busy as an analyst or other. Next season he resists. Then, by 2019 season, he comes back at some level be it HS, College or Pro. Most likely is obviously College HC. Second most likely is NFL Coordinator IMHO.
  7. Jacie

    Jacie SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    OK, let me get it straight and this is from your posts so I am not putting words in your mouth.

    Somehow, you will determine Bob Stoops state of mind next year and know he regrets leaving or as you contend, being forced out from OU all while coaching somewhere else at any level, oh wait, you left open the possibility he could be coaching a team younger than high school and it doesn't count, right?


    He will definitely coach some kind of football team by 2019 and since you didn't specify, it means he does not have to be the head coach. Does he still have to "regret" not being the Sooners head coach for this second one or the fact that he is coaching qualify it?

    In other words, I am taking your conspiracy theory to it's ultimate though absurd conclusion.
  8. mjhurani

    mjhurani Member

    It's not a conspiracy theory at all to think that an established "older" coach would be requested by a school's brass and key alum to consider stepping aside for the young hotshot up and coming coach, so said coach would not leave for another school. This happens ALL THE TIME in college football in this day and age.

    Stoops - as much I like him as a coach - has been disappointing in recent years. Getting smashed by Clemson in the final 4 a few years ago, then bringing back a vet team only to start the season 0-2 last year including laying an egg at home to tOSU, could not have sat well with OU brass and key alum. Add in that that the young hotshot coach at Texas came in and is recruiting very well, and maybe Lincoln Riley gets plucked away later this year if he is still an OC not a HC, and you have all the ingredients you need.

    I am having a difficult time understanding why YOU do not understand that college coaches do not just up and retire in JUNE. extremely, extremely rare.
  9. mjhurani

    mjhurani Member

    Stoops is not even 57 yrs old yet (9/9) and has been in coaching since his GA days at Iowa circa 1983. 34 calendar years of coaching and he's still so young.

    The more I think about it, I will be SHOCKED if he is not a coach, coordinator, or assistant in either HS, College, or NFL, by the 2019 season or sooner (pun intended).

    I'm giving him this season and next to enjoy his time off before that "football coaching itch" really gets him bad and he comes running back into coaching.

    It's in his blood, literally.
  10. Pricetag

    Pricetag SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    How'd that work out for ya?
  11. Jacie

    Jacie SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Instead of going back and forth debating your conspiracy Stoops-was-forced-out theory, I have decided to feed you even more outlandish things to see which ones you think are valid.

    I read a post over on hornfans that Carol Stoops was house hunting in Austin.

    Is Bob positioning himself to step in once the experiment with Hermie runs it's course? From yesterday's results, it appears he will spend less time as the whorn's head coach than his predecessor and the orange faithful, as much as they hated Bob as OUr coach, salivate at the prospect of what he could do for them.
  12. mjhurani

    mjhurani Member

  13. Jacie

    Jacie SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Here we go again though I suspect the conspiracy theorists won't believe a word of it.

    Bob Stoops wants you to stop thinking he's coming back to coaching

    Nick Bromberg,
    Dr. SaturdayOctober 3, 2017

    If you’re determined to believe that an NFL or college football team is going to hire Bob Stoops to replace its current coach after this season, Stoops would like a word with you.

    Monday, Stoops spoke to the Atlanta Touchdown Club and said he had no intentions of coming back to coaching.

    From SEC Country:

    “I will say, regardless of what you might hear out there in the papers, if I intended again to coach that would have been part of my statement,” said Stoops, who retired in June after 18 seasons at Oklahoma. “I would have said, ‘I’m stepping away here now for this time for myself, but when it comes to the next year or two, I look forward to getting back in it.’

    “But that’s not what I said. You won’t see me on a college sideline or a pro sideline. A lot of people act like they know, and there will be more than a few jobs out there. But that isn’t at all what I’m looking to do.”

    That’s pretty straightforward, isn’t it? The longtime Oklahoma coach retired in June and handed the keys to the program over to offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley, who has OU off to an undefeated start.

    If Stoops changes his mind in a couple years and comes back to coaching, we’re not going to blame him or call him a hypocrite. People can get bored or decide they want to continue doing what they did. But Stoops clearly doesn’t seem like he’ll be changing his mind anytime soon.
  14. mjhurani

    mjhurani Member

    I called it. He is coming back to coaching. Some of you took shots at me. I was right, you were wrong:


    Bob Stoops returns to coaching with Dallas in relaunched XFL

    Bob Stoops makes his return to football as the head coach and general manager of the Dallas-based franchise in the new XFL league. (0:42)

    Feb 11, 2019
    • ESPN News Services
    Former Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops is returning to coaching as the head coach and general manager of the Dallas-based franchise in the new XFL league.

    Stoops was introduced in a news conference Thursday by Oliver Luck, commissioner of the XFL.

    "At first I thought it probably wouldn't be for me," Stoops said. "But through our discussions as a family, started to think this would fit us correctly."

    "I was also excited about starting something from the ground floor," Stoops said. "To hiring coaches, and then you gotta accumulate your players, get your organization set up, it reminds me of when I first arrived at Oklahoma. I thought one of the best things I ever did in my career was getting my first staff together at OU. ... That's exciting to me. The opportunity to put it together and help it grow."

    The XFL will begin play in 2020 during the early part of the year and will feature a 10-week regular season.

    A source close to Stoops told ESPN that he liked the idea of getting back into coaching without it being overly time-consuming.

    Stoops, 58, retired in June 2017 at Oklahoma after coaching the Sooners for 18 seasons and passing Barry Switzer as the school's all-time winningest coach. Stoops was 190-48 at OU with 10 Big 12 championships and won the 2000 national title in leading the Sooners to a 13-0 record.

    A reconfigured Globe Life Park will be the home field for Dallas when the XFL debuts in the spring of 2020, about the same time the Texas Rangers move across the street to a new ballpark.

    "When I stepped away a couple of years ago, one of my major reasons, and I made it very clear, is I wanted my own time,'' Stoops said of his abrupt retirement, just three months before the start of the season. "As the only saying goes, be careful what you wish for. All of a sudden, I got to thinking after a couple of years, some days I've got too much time on my hands. You start to look at what are your options.''

    The fact that Stoops is returning to coaching at the professional level is somewhat ironic in that he turned down several opportunities to coach in the NFL when he was at Oklahoma.

    This will be the second version of the XFL headed up by WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. Former West Virginia athletic director Luck left his job with the NCAA in June to be the XFL's commissioner and CEO.

    Stoops said this is the right fit, in large part because it's not far from his roots in Norman, home of the Oklahoma campus.

    "Through our discussions as a family, started to think this may really fit us correctly, for a lot of reasons,'' Stoops said. "And my first was my confidence in Oliver Luck on up through to Vince McMahon. These are accomplished men who have had success in everything that they've done for the most part.''

    ESPN's Jake Trotter, Chris Low and The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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