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Big 12 Mens Baseball tournament

Discussion in 'Sooner Baseball, Softball, etc.' started by nighttrain12, May 17, 2015.

  1. nighttrain12

    nighttrain12 Well-Known Member

  2. Soonerjeepman

    Soonerjeepman SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    interesting...on the official B12 website they have TT in 3rd on the little "rank" box...both tt and OU were 13-11, OU had the better overall record, is in front of TT alphabetically, OU got the 3 seed, not sure why the webmaster put OU 4th. Just a weird thing. I went to see where OU was in the big 12.

    OSu will be tough, but hopefully we can make a run...
  3. nighttrain12

    nighttrain12 Well-Known Member

    Tech has a better overall (all games) winning % than OU and that is probably the lazy way they break standings on the internet. We beat them in the tiebreaker though. At 32-25 overall, OU is going to need to do major damage in this tournament or they may be left begging for an NCAA berth. Of course I will never forget the year OSU finished 9th in the conference and didn't even make the Big 12 tournament but still inexplicably got an at large berth in the NCAA.
  4. Soonerjeepman

    Soonerjeepman SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    yeah I noticed that as well....dumba$$ big 12...should be H/H first...one true champion....lol
    they had a shot in all 3 games against tcu...but came up empty. Pretty sure that unless we win the tourney...or get to the title game we are out.
  5. Sooner95

    Sooner95 Well-Known Member

    Well Ksu is sticking it to us early.. down 5-0..
  6. birddog

    birddog SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    They look bored or distracted or both.
  7. Sooner95

    Sooner95 Well-Known Member

    Well , we won today, there's that...

    We await the loser of Osu/Ksu.... neither of which I am thrilled about, in which the other opponent we'd have to beat twice...
  8. Sooner95

    Sooner95 Well-Known Member

    Ok, we get a rematch of KSU, we need to win that.

    We'll need to knock off OSu twice, but I'll take that chance.
  9. Sooner95

    Sooner95 Well-Known Member

    We knock off KSu 5-1 tonight.

    Now we get Stooltown tomorrow afternoon, need to take 2 against them or our season is over.
  10. BlackwellSooner

    BlackwellSooner New Member

    I wonder why the Big12 / Phillips66 can't generate a bracket that you don't have to scratch your head and say " lessee, loser of game 3 plays... etc"??? Compare the bracket for the WCWS, which everything is easy to figure out who beat who, who plays who next, etc?

    I have looked all over for a bracket for the men's Big 12 tourney that doesn't have you cussing under your breath... **** poor bracket is all I have to say!
  11. Sooner95

    Sooner95 Well-Known Member

    Well, with a 5-1 loss today, i suspect this will end of season at 34-27.
  12. oudanny

    oudanny New Member

    Very average team all the way around. Recruiting better pick up.
  13. nighttrain12

    nighttrain12 Well-Known Member

    Bring back Sunny!

    Attendance in Tulsa was only 4,976 for the Texas/OSU championship game which surprises me but if it helps get the tournament back to OKC, that's a good thing (for me, LOL).

    Texas winning it was likely necessary for them to make the NCAA and makes 1 less spot for OU to sneak in and get a berth.
  14. nighttrain12

    nighttrain12 Well-Known Member

  15. nighttrain12

    nighttrain12 Well-Known Member

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