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Better Defense in 2018?

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by PrideAlum, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. PrideAlum

    PrideAlum Member

    I’ll post here because anywhere else you have to reply to other posts a zillion times before you are deemed worthy to start a thread. That’s BS, I don’t want to work that hard.
    So the question is will the defense be better this year, will it be top ranked 35? I Say YES
    This is based on more player experience and who we play. Playing Army will be great for stats. I'm also liking UCLA on the schedule. Kelly won't have them firing on all cylinders so we may get a good defensive showing against them as well. FAU doesn't have a QB when they come to town either. The schedule says OU should have good stats. If they don't then FIRE IRON MIKE.
    After October it will be a different thing but we should still remain top 35.
    Murray and Motley if they are coached right should be better this season. Also Norwood seemed to be coming on at the end of last season and reports say he's bulked up a little. Plus it seems like everyone on the D line was playing hurt last season as well as Kelly. Lots of reasons to see hope on the defense.
  2. stoopified

    stoopified SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    hope you are right but I have hopes of improved D under Mike for 6 years to no avail .
  3. Speck

    Speck Member

    This may sound odd to most but I am most worried in our non conference games with the Owls and Army.
    I fear a Houston type game with FAU and Army is just so different. Hope the defense is ready.
  4. PrideAlum

    PrideAlum Member

    Also we can add Bookie to this list of possible improvements. I'm upbeat
  5. soonerrhea

    soonerrhea New Member

  6. PrideAlum

    PrideAlum Member

    See I told you all. Its better!!
  7. Speck

    Speck Member

    It looked real good, lets hope it sticks for eleven more games at a minimum.
  8. VA Sooner

    VA Sooner SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    Defense looked good again today... they were a bit tested but not sure of the caliber of UCLA after watching them last week. The first team defense held them to less than 250 yards. Glad they are getting other guys rotating in to get depth and experience.... will make a difference as the season rolls on.
  9. PrideAlum

    PrideAlum Member

    Yes it is. Also it appears that Kelly can't get on to the field which I think is a good thing, we know he's talented. So how deep are we in the LB department?

    At this point my concern is the run game. It seems we had a little problem with that. Don't get me wrong I'm only looking at it from a fans point of view, wanting 7 yards a carry or its not any good. :) With Mr. Anderson out for the season we will need to pay attention to this part of the game. IMHO.

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