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band wagon, sunshine, not a fan...been in all the pigeon holes..

Discussion in 'Sooner Football' started by Soonerjeepman, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Soonerjeepman

    Soonerjeepman SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I'll admit I had major questions as the season went. BUT that I never waiver-ed in my support and interest in the Sooners. Watch and cheer every time. Win or lose I've learned to be adult about it..finally.

    I think it's funny to "pick a side" or be put on a side if you have some questions. The team had some real brain farts this yr, coaches included... but also played lights out. I'm only a fan...who looks at stats, previous games, trends, etc...to form my opinions. Do I believe OU WILL win every game? No (does that make me a bad fan? no) Do I believe OU has a chance?...yes, sometimes more than not...but that is the beauty of the game.

    The future looks really well. What I really like is what I've seen from HC Stoops over the last few games....he's back to taking some chances. Should be a interesting year next year.

  2. Snrinhouston

    Snrinhouston Active Member

    I think you are 100% correct.

    I too had doubts about this team. Didn't think we could beat OSU or Bama. Did think we'd beat Texas and Baylor. So I was wrong four times this year. But like you, I watch every game and love the Sooners to the exclusion of all others.

    Does a parent who sees flaws in his children necessarily love his children less than a parent who does not see such flaws or pretends they don't exist? I say it's the same with football fans. Many Sooner fans who correctly predicted the win last night aren't necessarily bigger fans than those of us who perceived weaknesses that we thought were too much to overcome.

    I was dead wrong about last night…but watched the game last night on the edge of the couch, pacing in front of the tv, or frantically texting to other sooner fans (usually two of the three concurrently)

    You'll never get unanimity among all ardent Sooner fans about what the team should do, shouldn't do, should have tried, should not have tried, needs to improve, etc. However, all ardent Sooner fans are united in that we want the team to have its customary place among the elite of the college football world.

    I think we retook our seat at that table last night.

    Fingers crossed, 2014 could be something special.
  3. Sooner Sig Ep

    Sooner Sig Ep New Member

    ^^^. Nice post, Houston. Great analogy.
  4. picasso

    picasso SoonerFans.com Elite Member

    I'm still baffled by so many people claiming Stoops never changes. He basically cleaned house last winter.

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