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2016-17 Season Begins

Discussion in 'Sooner Basketball' started by Sooner95, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. Sooner95

    Sooner95 Well-Known Member

    Ah we had quite a ride last year.

    We figure to be good but have a good bit of young talent to work in the lineup this year.

    Open season tomorrow against NWST, then it's off to Orlando for an early season tourney. I love these.

    Thoughts?? I need to go thru the schedule and come up with my predictions.
  2. soon3rfan

    soon3rfan Member

    Not a whole lot to be excited about so far, hope they get better quick or this will be a down year.
  3. Michaeltug

    Michaeltug Member

  4. Michaeltug

    Michaeltug Member

  5. AaronCrelp

    AaronCrelp Member

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    AaronCrelp Member

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    AaronCrelp Member

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    AaronCrelp Member

  9. Michaeltug

    Michaeltug Member

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    BennyJab Member

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