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New Profile Posts

  1. Joe Kane
    Joe Kane
    Drunken Buffoon
  2. Andreasfed
  3. Andreasfed
  4. Andreasfed
  5. ErnestSuera
  6. AKmillenium
    I am OUmillenium from the old board.
  7. Denise Frantz
  8. Denise Frantz
    Denise Frantz
  9. Mazeppa
    Mazeppa deweydw
    I didn't know if anyone would notice.
  10. aero
    aero birddog
    yea. had some things going on last few years and kind of had a bad attitude about everything. but its better. now if we can just get our team to kick some ***. there's always next year.....
  11. Ton Loc
    Ton Loc RUSH LIMBAUGH is my clone!
    Come on Rush. I'm clearly not serious. No harm though.
  12. kernalsanders
  13. dossett5
    Bob making room for his brother by running off the best D coordinator in D1 football has not worked out very well. Which is no huge surprise!! Bob and brother ape d most of their time arguing with each other instead of coaching!
  14. radio
  15. Ruf/Nek7
  16. SoonerInFortSmith
    SoonerInFortSmith olevetonahill
    I don't have your number. Pm me. If you're gonna be around sometime I'll show you where it is
  17. 8timechamps
    8timechamps CowboyMRW
    I have season tix for the Broncos, but had an event earlier tonight (so I gave 'em away). Now, I'm thinking I should have charged for the tickets!
  18. CowboyMRW
    CowboyMRW 8timechamps
    Have you ordered your Super Bowl tickets. Peyton looks amazing so far. I think I'm gonna find some
  19. david1
    david1 Boarder
    I wanted to put 2013 Schedule but it won't let me. Shows "you may not post threads".
  20. soonersweetie
    soonersweetie MamaMia

    Where is your tailgate located? North or south of stadium? My dad, nephew n I used to go to Dean n Lisa's all the time.