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Road Warrior Reports


  1. Sooner Football 184

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  1. The Road Warrior Report - Sugar...

    The Road Warrior Report - Sugar Bowl Review - January 4, 2017


    – The second-best team in Alabama has nothing on the best team in the Big 12. Again. Three years after knocking off Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, the Sooners returned to the Big Easy and gave similar treatment to the Crimson Tide’s agriculturally-inclined little brothers, stomping Auburn in the 2017 Sugar Bowl by a count of 35-19, in a game that was not as close as that score indicated.

    To be sure, this Auburn...
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  2. The Road Warrior Report - Big 12...

    The Road Warrior Report - Big 12 Championshp Game Review - December 3, 2017

    ARLINGTON, TX – Oklahoma has never lost a rematch. Not in the Orange Bowl against Nebraska, not in the three rematches in the first incarnation of the Big 12 Championship Game, and for sure not Saturday against TCU in JerryWorld. Baker Mayfield and the Sooners put the lie to TCU’s nonsense about having “shut down” the Sooners in the second half of last month’s rout in Norman, pounding the Frogs 41-17. The win secured the Sooners’ second three-peat Big 12 Championship and a spot in the...
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  3. The Road Warrior Report - OSU...

    The Road Warrior Report - OSU Review - November 28, 2021


    STILLWATER, OK – It was bound to happen eventually. The law of averages always said that the Sooners couldn’t win the Big 12 every year forever. The same law said that no matter the dominance overall in the series, Oklahoma State does manage to win one now and again. And so it came to pass that the Sooners’ regular season ended Saturday night in Stillwater with a 37-33 loss to OSU, who will play Baylor next Saturday for the conference championship.

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  4. The Road Warrior Report -...

    The Road Warrior Report - September 18, 2016 - Ohio State Review

    image.jpeg NORMAN – Maybe our best chance was the monsoon. If we had played in the absolute downpour that hit Owen Field a couple of hours before the Ohio State game was scheduled to kick off, we might have been better off. But, public safety considerations being what they are, the powers that be wisely decided to delay kickoff 90 minutes, so we could all be dry as we watched the Sooners take a comprehensive thumping from Ohio State, 45-24.

    Things started off well enough,...
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  5. The Road Warrior Report - Texas...

    Oklahoma defeats Texas, 45-40


    DALLAS, TX – After three years of getting pushed around the Cotton Bowl, the Sooners had finally had enough. Today, they did the pushing, as they took the Golden Hat back home with a 45-40 win over Texas, in a game that was way closer than it should have been, thanks to continuing defensive problems. This thing wasn’t officially put away until the last play - the longest futile attempt at a lateral play that we’ve ever seen. The thing literally went on about 45...
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  6. The Road Warrior Report - KSU...

    Sooners defeat Wildcats, 38-17

    NORMAN – After five straight wins by the road team in the OU-Kansas State series, it was about time that someone defended home field. The Sooners did just that today, with a workmanlike 38-17 win over the Wildcats, which marked the Sooners’ first win over KSU in Norman since 2009. Dede Westbrook, who didn’t start the game for some reason, continued his torrid pace, with nine catches for 184 yards and three TDs. Baker Mayfield was excellent, going 25 of 31 for 346 yards, four TDs, and one...
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  7. LUBBOCK, TX – It was a weird, weird night, even for Lubbock, which perhaps tells you something about just how weird it was. Perhaps the weirdest thing, on a night when NCAA records for offensive profligacy (or the abject failure of defense, depending on your perspective) were blown away like bolls of the cotton that grows on the plains surrounding this desolate West Texas town, was that the Sooners won, 66-59(!) by playing better defense than Texas Tech.

    “Better,” of course, is a relative...
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  8. The Road Warrior Report - Kansas...

    The Road Warrior Report - Kansas Review - October 30, 2016


    NORMAN – The Sooners dispatched lowly Kansas last night at Owen Field by a score of 56-3, in a game that probably wasn't as close as the score indicated, to the extent it could hold anyone’s interest. While last week’s game in Lubbock was, while grotesque, entertaining and maddening all at once, this one was the opposite – a methodical beatdown.

    To be sure, a methodical beatdown is the very last thing any Sooner fan should be complaining about. The OU defense,...
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  9. The Road Warrior Report - Iowa...

    The Road Warrior Report - Iowa State Review - November 4, 2016

    IMG_8464.JPG IMG_8468.JPG

    AMES, IOWA – There are few certainties in life. Death and taxes, sure, but not much else. Of the few other things that fall into the category of sure things, one of them is Oklahoma beating Iowa State on the football field. Last night, the Sooners dispatched the Cyclones at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, 34-24. It was their 18th win in a row over ISU and their 74th in an 81-game series dating back to 1928.

    With the absence of the...
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  10. The Road Warrior Report - Baylor...

    The Road Warrior Report - Baylor Review - November 13, 2016

    NORMAN – Oklahoma continued its undefeated run through the Big 12 Conference Saturday with a 45-24 victory over the reeling Baylor Bears, in what is likely Baylor’s last season of relevance before reverting to their traditional doormat status. The game was marred by a serious leg injury to Baylor QB Seth Russell in the third quarter.

    Russell’s lower leg ended up turned 180 degrees from where it should have been, and he was taken from the field with an air cast on the leg. Baylor announced...
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