View Full Version : Cowboys suck it up after a great win last week

11/6/2006, 12:32 AM
After last night, the last thing I needed was a game like that today. The same thing, but the Cowboys friggin lost. :mad: :mad: :mad:

We get in FG range, and Vandersuck hits it right into the guys midsection and the defender wasn't even jumping. I've said all year that signing that jerk was the worst off season move by the Cowboys, and it's being proven true every Sunday. He can't kick a touchback to save his life. Whatever mojo he used to have at making clutch field goals is long gone. He makes me puke.

I'm done with football.... until Saturday.

11/6/2006, 12:33 AM
Dude, the Washington defender came through the line un-blocked.

11/6/2006, 12:39 AM
It didn't look like that on the game I was watching, but I admit I headed for the door after Washington scored so I didn't see many replays. I still stand by the fact that he sucks. You can't argue with his amazing inability to kick a touchback.

Ultimately, this is what 150 penalty yards will get you. I just can't see how a team goes from playing the way they did last week to this. It's amazing how inconsistent they are.

I thought Romo played awesome, as did Barber. The game should have been sealed up with that money throw into TO's breadbasket, but of course TO just laughed off not being able to pull in a catch my nephew could have grabbed.

11/6/2006, 12:47 AM
I'm reading some of the stories on the Cowboys website, and I can't imagine how guys can bounce back from something like this. 1 & friggin 3 in the NFCE, and now back at 500.

Winning out is the only option, and I see no way thats going to happen. Unbelievable what happened today....

Spags has a good article on it Here's a little excerpt:
"Choose your reason, they all apply, from not challenging the safety call when it appeared the ball was out of the end zone as Julius Jones' knee hit on the wrong side of the goal line; deciding to go for two when leading 6-5 with 12:55 left in the second quarter instead of simply kicking the extra point that loomed large in the end; Terrell Owens dropping what would have been the knockout 74-yard touchdown pass late in the third quarter on a beauty of a Romo pass; or alas, the Cowboys getting nailed for 153 yards worth of penalties, the third-most in club history and the single-season high now in the past 36 seasons."

I'm impressed that TO was honest about the impact dropping that pass had:
"Owens, who led the team with seven catches (76 yards), took the blame for the drop, and even the loss.
"I owe this one to the team," Owens said. "I let the team down. It was a lack of concentration. I felt I had it, but it was just a drop."

I still feel sick about it... I haven't got this worked up about a Cowboys game in a long time. Maybe it was the combo of going through last nights game, or maybe the fact that I was getting pretty excited about the boys again. Either way, it sucks.

11/6/2006, 12:59 AM
well, vanderjerk has already blamed the line for the blocked kick.