View Full Version : The Undefeated by Jim Dent

sooner KB
10/3/2006, 02:32 PM
I bought this book a while back and read it. It's a great book about our 47-game winning streak. I figured I'd offer here for $2. It's in perfection condition. It's the soft cover version. It's 286 pages, and includes some pictures in the middle.

I can meet you here in Norman (including gameday if that's the only time you are up here), or I can mail it to you and you can pay me through paypal. USPS has a special low rate for books. It shouldn't be much more than a dollar or two.

Again, it's a very good book. I think I read it front to back in a couple days, it was hard to put down. It included many funny tales and locker room stories.

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