View Full Version : Looking for 2000 RRS Tickets/Stubs

8/6/2006, 07:55 AM
I'm making OU shadowboxes for my Marine sons, one just back from Iraq. I'm hoping to include tickets/stubs from the 2000 season - especially, but not limited to, the OU-tu game. I had an online auction bookmarked, but my Old-Timer's caused me to forget to bid. *sig

I have lots of personal memorabilia from earlier seasons, because I'm an old broad & have been an OU fanatic all my life. But I'm trying to gather all I can to make the boxes really special. Man, my guys really missed OU football!!

If anyone has any to sell, please contact me. Bless y'all!

8/30/2006, 07:37 PM
P.M. Sent.