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11/22/2005, 07:53 AM
Went to the NWCA All-Star classic last night. Three OU wrestlers participated.

Sam Hazewinkle looked good against Nick Simmons, winning 6-1.

Teyon looked horrible, losing 3-1 to Gallick. He never made anything more than a half-hearted shot even when he was losing. If no one shoots on him all year long, he'll never score a takedown. He's such a great defensive wrestler, but he didn't do anything on offense tonight.

Joel looked good, but he wrestled 2x National Champion Jake Rosholt. He's just a stud. Will probably be a 3x'er.

Overall, some great matches. OSU fans boo'ed our kids, even Teyon who's an Oklahoma product. I just don't get it. He wasn't even wrestling an OSU kid.

Three of OSU's #1 seeds lost: Esposito, Hendricks, and Mocco. They all looked gassed.

I don't have the official results, but here's what I remember.

125: #3 Hazewinkle (OU) beats #4 Simmons (Michigan State) 6-1
133: Velasquez (Cal Poly) beat Reiter (Minn) Don't remember the score.
141: #2 Gallick (ISU) beat #1 Ware (OU) 3-1
149: #3 Tannnbaum (Michigan) beat #1 Esposito (OSU) 7-3
157: #5 Nagel (Minn) beat #1 Hendricks (OSU) 5-3 in quadruple overtime.
165: Tirapelle (Illinois) beat Johnston (Iowa) Don't remember the score.
174: (Northwestern) beat (Nebraska) Don't remember the kids names. Sorry.
184: #4 Friedl (Illinois) beat #2 Bradley?? (Iowa) Don't remember the score.
197: #1 Rosholt (OSU) beat #2 Flaggert (OU) 8-3
285: #2 Konrad (Minn) beat #1 Mocco (OSU) 4-1 in OT


11/22/2005, 06:20 PM
was this an invite deal? if so, where was the kid from mizzou?

i think rosholt's brother will be a frosh up at stinkwater this year. that dude is every bit as good as his bother.

11/22/2005, 08:27 PM
It was by invite and I'm not sure why Askren wasn't there (I'm assuming that's who you're asking about).

Jarod Rosholt is an animal. I think he placed at last week's tournament at Omaha.

11/23/2005, 08:38 AM
Did you ever see anything about any new recruits?

11/23/2005, 01:28 PM
Did you ever see anything about any new recruits?

I don't think anyone ever hears about OU recruits.

Last one I heard about was a kid out of Michigan. Named Metzger. ;)

11/23/2005, 01:40 PM
Last one I heard about was a kid out of Michigan. Named Metzger. ;)

those brothers from Palo Alto were pretty good too...........

11/23/2005, 03:12 PM
I hear we may get a kid out of Perry. Strongest grip you've ever seen.

11/23/2005, 04:37 PM
Just talked to me dad (sad that I have to go to an OSU guy for OU updates).

He said we got Shelton and James (state runner-up at 171 last year) from El Reno and Eugene Young from Shawnee (state champ at 171 last year).

He said Young has potential to be a stud. Said he talked to John Smith about him over the weekend and John told my dad to tell him not to sign with OU. Dad says he's a big OU fan and he didn't think OSU would be an option for him anyway.

Says they won't conflict because Young's like 6'4" and has potential to be 184 or 197 later on in career.

These are all he knows about. There may be more. I'll keep checking.