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10/31/2005, 05:20 AM
Without going into deep comparison, the KU BBALL team will mirror the OU Football team- lots of talent, virtually no experience. This is team is loaded with talent, but it's young, and none of them have asked to step forward as the team leader. Brandon Rush is a natural talent, but, like I've said before, where's his head at? If this team was not coached by someone the calibre of Bill Self, this team would be destined for a finish somewhere between 7-8th. This team will likely make the tourney, but it won't be near as certain as years past. The leading returner is a former walk-on, Christian Moody, who was injured for a portion of last year.

BEST PLAYER: Brandon Rush: This is not certain. I really had a hard time thinking who this would be. He has the most natural talent, but he's unproven. Some of the other returners (Moody, Giles, Kahn) don't excite anybody, and everybody else are true Freshmen.



10/31/2005, 05:21 AM
That should read "have been asked to be team leader." Sorry.

King Crimson
10/31/2005, 12:22 PM
Rush is also sort of a diminishing return.....the better he plays, the less likely he's going to be a part of any young talented nucleus you have to think KU will have in the next couple years.

10/31/2005, 02:48 PM
Agreed, that's why not getting him is a blessing in disguise. Having guys like Godbold, Carter, etc., is better than having Rush, for a championship run. He's one-and-done (much like KU will probably be in the tourney this year).

11/5/2005, 12:23 AM