View Full Version : ESPN/USA Today Poll is out

10/28/2005, 09:36 AM

NCAA Division I: ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll
1. Duke (28)
2. Connecticut
3. Texas (2)
4. Villanova (1)
5. Michigan State
6. Oklahoma
7. Gonzaga
8. Louisville
9. Arizona
10. Kentucky
11. Boston College
13. Stanford
14. Alabama
15. West Virginia
16. Syracuse
17. Illinois
18. UCLA
18. Wake Forest
20. Iowa
21. Maryland
22. Indiana
23. Iowa State
25. Nevada
N.C. State 76, Ohio State 72, Washington 57, Kansas 56, Wisconsin 52, Texas Tech 51, LSU 45, Michigan 35, Charlotte 34, Oklahoma State 34, North Carolina 16, Old Dominion 13, Georgetown 10, Florida 7, Northern Iowa 7, MIAMI FL 6, WESTRN KENTUCKY 3, Vanderbilt 3, UNLV 2, Utah State 2, California 2, Ohio 2, Oral Roberts 2, Temple 1, TEXAS AM 1, Bucknell 1.


10/28/2005, 09:54 AM
<typical fan response> Pre season polls suck, they have no basis in reality and they are purely based on what a team MIGHT do...

... wait a minute! We're # 6??? Wooohooo! Sky's the limit baby!! Calvin Simpson will git r done this year, I can feel it!!!<typical fan response>

10/28/2005, 09:57 AM
It is really strange to see KU out of the top 25... With Curtis Sumptner out indefinetely, I think 'Nova is a bit overrated.

10/28/2005, 09:58 AM
This is a COMPLETE SHOCK! That's WAY TOO HIGH for UCONN. I don't know if they have a PG left, and how will 'Nova play without Curtis Sumpter? MSU? I know that they will be good, but who will play PG for them? OU and UT would beat them by 15. Grant and Brown are good, and Tom Izzo is my second favorite coach, but this is too high for them. I would switch them with OU. UT with 2 first place votes- OK, voters- who are you? 6th is too low for OU. 3-5 is more like it. The most consistent vote that I have seen has been like this:

1. Duke
2. UT
3. Nova
4. OU
5. MSU

I thought that this would be the year that ECB would subside. However, with this, it looks as if it is ALIVE AND WELL!

Salt City Sooner
10/28/2005, 10:35 AM
Doesn't look like the all-important-come-tournament-time RPI is going to be a problem, I'm seeing 11 games vs. the top 35. If we can get anything out of the Tulsa-types on the slate, it'll be in the stratosphere.

10/28/2005, 10:53 AM
If we win our share of those high-profile games, (which we should) the only way that OU will not have a high seed (1 or 2), is if Lee Fowler chairs the committee again.

10/28/2005, 11:59 PM
Dang, check out ORU with a couple of top 25 votes.

10/29/2005, 04:04 PM
ORU has something like 7 seniors. They should be pretty good.