View Full Version : Observations from Newark

12/2/2010, 04:49 PM
I got opportunity to score some good corporate tickets to the Thunder vs Nets game last night--on the floor 4th row center court. Very nice....disappointed the KD didn't play...and so were what seemed like lots of 10-12 year old kids in #35's jersey. Couldn't believe the amount of Thunder fans--great to see.

Compared to the Ford Center (or whatever we are calling it this year), the Prudential center sucks...bad. Bad score board, fans that sit on their hands, awful sound system...terrible mascot...Nets girls look alll Jersey...just bad.

The place didn't get loud until 30 seconds to go...the rest of the game it was just quiet--like it is the first 5 minutes after halftime in OKC when only half the place is back in their seats.

Place probably had an attendance of 10K...didn't look it up, but was very sparse certainly for the first half.

We should be very proud of OKC and our fans...much much much better experience. The guy heckling the Nets Farmar from 5 rows behind me could be heard all through the arena. it was just quiet. And their hip MC dude tries to be all gangster but just doesn't pull it off. The mascot is no Rumble. Some fox or something. No athleticism like Rumble. All in all, OKC puts one hell of a good product out there.