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11/30/2010, 08:57 PM
Ha, just kidding! It involves the Thunder AND Blake. **** off, NBA-haters. (I really ought to cross-post this in college basketball, eh?)

With how well Blake and Eric Gordon have been playing in Kaman's (injury) absence, and, given that Kaman isn't as conducive to the type of up-tempo game that they've managed to pick up the personnel for

(they can throw Bledsoe, Gordon, Farouq-Aminu (holy sh*t, I got that right on the first try), Blake, and DeAndre Jordan out there as a starting five. That team is athletic as sh*t!)

it's quite possible that the Clippers may be looking to move Kaman. A young (28) former All-Star center known for his post scoring may be coming on the market soon. Hmmm... what young, half-court/transition team needs some post scoring? Hmmm...

Okay, so this one works on ESPN.com's NBA trade machine...

The Clippers give up - Kaman
The Thunder gives up - Krstic, Green, and Daequan Cook

The Clippers are getting a quality young player in Green; a player who fits their up-tempo style quite well. They also get starting quality depth in Krstic with both experience, and the ability to operate out of Blake's way. They also pick up a young, athletic player in Cook, who, if he could hit sand if he fell off of a camel, would be a decent player again. A good backup option, at least.

BUT, the most painful part for the Thunder is also the reason that the Clips would consider it early (now) rather than wait for other teams to make offers after Kaman comes back...

All of the players the Clips would be getting from the Thunder have expiring contracts. That's 12 million worth, leaving the Clips enough to sign someone at the mid-level exception, but leaving the Thunder only $8K under the cap. So, we'd be riding the roster that we had, or signing someone for the minimum.

Is it worth it to ditch Green and Krstic? It would not only give Ibaka a chance to start, but a chance to start alongside someone who doesn't do the same things he does, freeing up space for both of them to work.

The new lineup would be: Westbrook, Sefolosha, Durant, Ibaka, and Kaman. That's a solid team, and an even-better team defensively, even if Krstic and Kaman are a wash, 'cause Ibaka would be starting. Then, with the exception of Ibaka starting, the bench is exactly the same, 'cause it's not like Cook saw any burn anyway, right?

So Thunder fans... You know that the team needs a running game. (That's "post scoring" for those of you who don't habla.) Do you do this deal? Why?


I wasn't done thinking...

Sorry, I'm back. I just spent an hour reading basketball blogs and forgot what else I was going to say. (Hoopism is cool...) So, I guess I AM done thinking...


starclassic tama
11/30/2010, 09:10 PM
you known i was just thinking a few weeks ago while watching a blake (i mean clippers) game that the thunder sure could use somebody like kaman. or marc gasol. or a HEALTHY tyson chandler, damnit we almost had him. or a younger marcus camby. or erick dampier, wait no not erick dampier...

11/30/2010, 10:19 PM
Kaman would be a great addition but that's a lot to give up. Last year I ragged on Krstic a lot but have come to appreciate him this year (his mid range jumper is there and I have been pleasantly surprised by his D)

I don't think Presti will break up the big 3 (if nothing else to keep KD happy) but how about moving Cook, Aldrich, future picks and cash if necessary?

starclassic tama
11/30/2010, 11:14 PM
I don't think Presti will break up the big 3 (if nothing else to keep KD happy) but how about moving Cook, Aldrich, future picks and cash if necessary?

we wouldn't get kaman for that. and i would say the big 3 now and definitely for the future is durant, westbrook and ibaka...