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9/13/2010, 04:35 PM
From ESPN's TrueHoop...

7. De facto video review

There was a hugely important moment with about four minutes left in the first quarter. Tyson Chandler and Hedo Turkoglu had some kind of dead ball collision confrontation. A foul was called on Chandler. Then, on TV, we got to see again and again that mostly Turkoglu had walked into Chandler, and then acted like he had been bumped. It was pathetic and strange. In any case, the referees did whatever referees do, for a minute or more, and then reversed the call.

It was the right move.

8. Bad night for Hedo Turkoglu

If I am the Phoenix Suns, I have some serious concerns about my new player.

First he fakes this controversy with Chandler, which went nowhere and just make him look sad and silly.

Then he dove on the floor for the first time in years. I saw him down there and thought wow, look at Hedo Turkoglu diving on the floor! Then, of course, he needed medical attention and missed a good chunk of the game at the end of the bench, wrapped in a towel. The broadcasters pointed out that his coaches looked disgusted with him.

When he finally got back in, he caught the ball and jacked a terrible shot, while well-covered, which missed badly.

Never question his skill. But can you ever stop questioning his heart?

Who thought that he was going to be the piece the Suns were missing? Is it too late to bet the under on an entire season? Is that even possible? I'd like to take Mongo, and the under, please.


Serge Ibaka
9/13/2010, 09:55 PM
Very true.

KD and Westbrook really added to their reps though, eh?