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7/4/2010, 02:05 AM
I'm just kinda updating what's going on with the roster for those of you who follow soonerfans.com more than you follow dailythunder.com.


1 - Westbrook, Maynor
2 - Sefolosha, Harden, Cook, Peterson
3 - Durant, Green
4 - Collison, Ibaka
5 - Krstic, Aldrich

That's 12 guys. We can have up to 12 suited, and 15 on the roster. Also, while we can stash some players in the D-League - but not Kyle Weaver, or D.J. White; they're either on the roster now, or they're off to Europe or wherever - those D-League spots still count towards the roster.

So that's B.J. Mullens and Tibor Pleiss. Those guys are D-League, fo' sho', but they still count as roster spots. This puts us at 16. Now, we may luck out and have Pleiss stay in Europe for a year, meaning that we'd be at 15, but it also means that we'd have to finagle a way to get Williams or Reid stashed away somewhere, and not sign them until the last minute. Let's assume Tibor stays overseas for a year. We're at 15.

But I'd kinda like to see us buy out Peterson and maybe even Cook. Neither of those guys are what we're looking at, holes-in-the-roster-wise... a backup-3 that isn't Jeff Green. They're both supposed to be the outside shooter that's going to carry us to the next level? Doubtful. Which one plays the better defense and fits with our current roster? Cut the other one. We're at 14.

But, now we're still looking at Williams or Reid. The other one gets cut. I'd hate to see Reid go, but ultimately Williams could be that backup 3 that we need. Cut Reid, keep Williams. We're at 15.

The only way we keep our roster additions through the draft is to cut the ones we got through trades.

So, lest any of you think that we're going to be big free agent players, think again. Unless we trade some assets with contracts, we've only got about 6.5 million left under the cap. Less if we sign Weaver and/or White... That's not enough to land a "piece-of-the-puzzle" guy.

And that's why Houston is going to pwn. :D

But, adding Aldrich is going to help the team in a number of ways, not the least of which - assuming he gets the playing time for it...



7/4/2010, 11:55 AM
I think Cook is going to be with the team for the year. Kinda like a poor man's JR Smith. 3 pt sharpshooter he had a bad year last year, but two years prior did quite well in Miami. It would be great for this team to have the ability to bring someone in off the bench to shoot from outside. Thunder ranked what? 27th in 3pt pct last year?

Wouldn't surprise me to see kyle weaver or dj white go, maybe Europe, but more likely to just get released.

7/4/2010, 06:19 PM
I think Weaver's maxed out, but White's got some room to grow, though. I just hate to see us cut a player who chases rebounds like they were food as opposed to chasing shots in the same manner...


7/14/2010, 02:16 PM
I'm tellin' you guys, I'd LOVE to see this kid be good enough to make it...



Serge Ibaka
7/14/2010, 02:55 PM
I'm tellin' you guys, I'd LOVE to see this kid be good enough to make it...



Yeah, Reid really impressed me! The dude plays hard. And even if he never finds himself in the rotation, he seems like the type of guy that is good to have in your organization (Drafting attitude with a late 2nd round pick? It seems like something Presti would do).

7/14/2010, 03:02 PM
Make no mistake... he was drafted for his athleticism, physicality, and defense. His attitude is why I think he'll eventually stick; hopefully here.