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4/23/2010, 08:22 PM
...HA! Just kidding, I'm TOTALLY the "I told you so," type. But it's not easy. Imagine the burden I have weighing on me to have to point out everything that other people do wrong. It's painful.

Anyway, I remember talking about Bosh to OKC a while back. It's nice that the Toronto Star finally caught on:

"The Toronto Star has a story on Chris Bosh and his options during the upcoming free agency period, and one intriguing possibility that is mentioned is Bosh signing with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

...one incentive for Bosh is that OKC is close to his Dallas home. But there's more reason than that. Anyone who saw the Thunder knock off the Lakers in Game 3 last night would have to be excited about the possibility of playing with Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden for the next few years, and Bosh would fill a real need for the Thunder as a post scorer. From a talent and roster perspective, OKC is a much more attractive option than either the Chicago Bulls or the Miami Heat, and with several of the top Western Conference teams getting to be on the older side, the Thunder is poised to be a threat in the West for years to come. We're just speculating on all of this, but given all these reasons and the fact that the organization will have plenty of cap space this summer, you'd think Bosh would have to start giving the team some serious consideration."

For what it's worth, Chad Ford agrees...

"I think they'll have a compelling case. They're close to his home. Offer two young superstar quality talents to put him with. Have a great owner, GM and fan base. If I was Bosh, I'd play for them over any team out there short of some sort of Dream Team hook up with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in Miami. I don't know what Bosh will do ... Chicago and Miami will both be tempting. NY too if LeBron came. But if he values winning a championship, I think he should run to OKC."

But, personally, I think that it's a terrible idea and that he should seriously consider relieving Houston of some of its cap space, play even closer to home, and in his home state, and be the star low post scorer to allow Yao to play away from the basket, where he's more comfortable, and allow a high-post offense to run through him, focusing on Bosh. TASTY! :D Then, when you tack on the NBA's MIP in Aaron Brooks, and give Kevin Martin an off-season learning the offense and the defensive rotations... (he's a horrible defender no matter what, but he can at least learn how to play within the system and with these guys) it'd be a good situation for Bosh, and he (with Yao's return) would make Houston contenders in the West, with two very skilled big men to compete with the L.A.'s of the league.

But what do I know...? I guess it'd be cool for the Thunder to get him. If Yao leaves, I may have to start leaning towards 50/50 anyway... especially if OKC picks up Bosh.


4/23/2010, 08:58 PM
yah...i was fixin to call "bull****"