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3/8/2010, 12:48 AM
If the season ended today, would you put him on an all nba team

I think he is certainly deserving, I dont know if we would be as good as we are without his improvement.

Averaging 16.6ppg, 7.9 ast, 5.1reb as a 2nd year PG in the NBA

I dont think he will make it but I think he is certainly deserving of a 3rd team nod

3/8/2010, 12:27 PM
And his most important aspect is probably his defense. We got a lot of heat for drafting Westbrook so high, but the kid has been an absolute stud. I'd take him over almost any PG in the league.

3/8/2010, 02:09 PM
with paul hurt so long he could sneak in there as a 3rd teamer. what a great surprise he has been this year, i was just hopeing to have him be solid this year and cut the turnovers down a bit but he has been so much more...great job russ!!!

starclassic tama
3/8/2010, 03:46 PM
not all-nba, but future all-nba. the growth in his game and the whole team's game in general has been amazing

3/8/2010, 10:51 PM
3rd team is definitely a possibility with paul being hurt. i think of the big 3 at PG as

1A. Deron williams
1B. Chris Paul
3. Steve Nash

russ is going to have to battle that punk rajon rondo for the 3rd team spot (along with chauncey billups and derrick rose), and nothing would make me happier if westbrook got it over rondo.

3/9/2010, 09:18 PM
good read on westbrook.


3/10/2010, 12:20 AM
your right that was a good read...thanks man.