View Full Version : trade deadline passes with no moves

2/19/2010, 01:06 AM
good or bad??
at this point im thinking good...dont tinker with whats going on chemistry wise. if we would of ditched etan, harpring or any other body for another big we greatly reduce collison or serges minutes...or both, they are both playing team ball well and seem to have bought into the system.
we are good at the guard spot with the addition of maynor. i wasnt a huge sefalosha fan to begin the year and really wanted harden to slide into that spot but as the year goes on and i watch more intently i like his game, even when looking at his stats and seeing he may not fill it up he makes a difference every game, interesting to see how it works out in the next year as harden becomes a star, at some point he needs to start and will likely want to. green is highly under-rated imo, another guy that can effect a game in lots of different ways as evident with how he played dirk the other night. kd is kd and whats scary is he is gonna get better....alot better!! coach k raves about his defensive possibilities and with his length he will be a shut down guy in time, remember, the guy is still learning.
good job sam presti on holding off til summer to make any moves, our draft picks wont be as high next year as i thought at the beginning of the season but with the improvement we have made and the way we have come togather that kinda doesnt matter much.

2/19/2010, 12:04 PM
I would have liked to have a big man that can play big inside. The rookie from Pitt that plays for the Spurs comes to mind, but suppose you aren't getting him.

Not sure what happened to Etan's minutes--i used to love seeing him come in the game. I can't recall the last time. Of course we are on a 7 game winning streak, so I'm not complaining.

Love Sefalosha and Harden off the bench is just getting better. That kid can come in a absolutely rescue the team if we are shooting poorly.

It is hard for me to think about getting rid of players. I know it is prof sports and not college, but I grew up such a college fan that the trading of players just never seems right. I suppose that is why Presti has his job, and I've got mine.

I passed up 3rd row behind the bench tickets at MSG to see the Thunder on Sat night to stay in OK and take my 4 year old to the monster trucks. Oh well, next year hopefully.

2/19/2010, 04:07 PM
Made a move a few weeks ago getting Maynor. Who do you think they would even need to trade? The Thunder are playing the best basketball in the west right now.

2/19/2010, 08:31 PM
Good, sometimes you dont wanna mess with chemistry when things are going well. This is a young team who is playing above their heads, let them go do what they are gonna do