View Full Version : Review of Stafford vs Sanchez

11/24/2009, 04:18 PM
After the first quarter of the season I was very skeptical of Stafford and thought Sanchez was going to be way better, I thought such before the draft as well. Now we are 10 games into their rookie seasons and even though Sanchez has a better record with 4 wins, I think Stafford is showing that atleast so far he is the better QB. I say this because I think Sanchez has a far better team around him. What do you all think?

Stafford 2-8 55.2% completion 1911 yds 11 TD 14 INT sacked 18 times

Sanchez 4-6 52.1% completion 1791 yds 10 TD 16 Int Sacked 17 times

This also shows that what Flacco and Ryan did last yr was really special