View Full Version : Ha, Ha, Ha, Hornets!

2/17/2009, 07:21 PM
We TOLD you that your players; OUR players, liked it here, but did you believe us? Noooooo. Well, as if attendance figures weren't enough to sway you, since, for some reason they weren't... idiots...

Then feast your eyes upon THIS:


No wait, that's a bunch of criers from Nawlins. I meant... THIS:


Soon, they will all be ours... except the ones that suck. You can keep them.

Yeah, YOU, Peja, I'm talking about you. Great, you hit a three. Throw a Yugoslavian parade. (Yes, I know - shut it...) Your guy just hit an uncontested layup... again... before you crossed halfcourt... again... I can't BELIEVE that you were in Oklahoma City when you got that contract. It makes my b*lls hurt just thinking about it. Gah!

Oh, and since I'm basically making this an NBA thread... uh, I mean, Blake Griffin.


...does anybody else have the same terror in their heart that the Nets and Rockets are going to swap the exact same player (Tracy McGrady for Vince Carter) and somehow, it's going to make BOTH teams worse?

As a Rockets fan, I'm terrified, honestly. I don't want to give up players like Battier and Landry, you know, guys who TRY, for someone like Vince Carter. No. Way. I hate basketball.

I love basketball.