View Full Version : Britain’s Ambassador to US Worries about Obama Presidency

10/3/2008, 10:21 PM
The Ambassador expressed great concern if Barry becomes President. Least qualified person, unconditional talks with Iran...

So much for the Obama lie about worldwide support for the messiah!

“If elected, Obama would have less of a track record than any recent president. Carter would be the nearest, but even he had four years as a Governor.” Sir Nigel also makes explicit at least one area of potential policy difference. “If Obama wins, we will need to consider with him the articulation between (a) his desire for ‘unconditional’ dialogue with Iran and (b) our and the [UN Security Council]’s requirement of prior suspension of enrichment before the nuclear negotiations can begin,” he wrote. The Embassy has repeatedly denied that Britain is worried about Mr Obama’s policy of direct talks with Iran. Sir Nigel expressed pessimism on the Middle East peace process, saying: “It is unlikely to be a top priority for Obama.” Mr Blair, the regional peace envoy, has been told by the Democrat that progress is unlikely within the initial two years of his administration.