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  1. Craig Sager
  2. RIP Top Daug??
  3. Favorite OSU Nickname
  4. Sooners Pre-Season #1
  5. Women's hoops 05-06
  6. We're a #1 seed in 2006...
  7. Keith Clark verbals to OU!
  8. Lavender to Xavier
  9. For what it's worth...
  10. Kevin Durant to UT
  11. Brandon Rush withdraws from NBA Draft
  12. Baylor gets WHACKED by the NCAA......
  13. SMU game.....
  14. NOON - Self to hold press conference on Giddens
  15. Expectations For The Men's And Women's BB Teams Next Year?
  16. Ebi Ere to play for Portland Jailblazers summer league team
  17. Countdown to Tip-Off
  18. 2005/06 Preview
  19. No wonder Roy W. bolted to Carolina
  20. Courtney Paris coming up big in 2005 FIBA Women's U19 World Championships
  21. Keys to the Upcoming Season
  22. They Drank the Kool Aid....Basketball Version
  23. All-time OU team.
  24. I'm I the only Sooner fan that would trade......
  25. I don't know if this has been mentioned here or not...
  26. OU's Gray impresses at Team USA trials
  27. Gray Makes Under-21 Team
  28. Taj Gray posterizes 7'5" opponent
  29. Coach Kelvin Sampson to be on Sports Radio Show Monday...
  30. OU Women release 2005/06 schedule
  31. Gray scores 14 in USA win
  32. All time OU nickname/name team?
  33. So I'm eating lunch at Red Lobster...
  34. NCAA buys the NIT!
  35. Sampson Readies For Trip to Kuwait
  36. 2005/2006 Mens schedule announced
  37. Michael Neal
  38. Top osu BB Recruit the saggies newest criminal
  39. Scotty Reynolds
  40. Kelvin is a classy guy
  41. KU BB Buys Itself a Brandon Rush
  42. Hollis Price Lost Everything OU
  43. wtg Tony Allen, another OSU f-up
  44. Basketball is Good!
  45. Predictions!
  46. Andy Katz of ESPN picks OU............
  47. Sing along with Kelvin
  48. Starting 5
  49. Why Should This Not Surprise Us
  50. Will Griffin see much playing time this year?
  51. Chris Paul practices with the Sooners (DO)
  52. IHS Daily Basketball Preview- Taj Gray
  53. OU Men picked second....
  54. Sad story about Jamie Talbert
  55. Question about the 05-06 B-Ball Media Guide
  56. IHS Daily Basketball Preview- Nate Carter
  57. IHS Daily Basketball Preview- Terrell Everett
  58. IHS Daily Basketball Preview- David Godbold
  59. My Basketball Question of the Week: Rant!
  60. Leah Rush named Preseason All-Big XII, C. Paris named top freshman
  61. IHS Daily Basketball Preview- Mike Neal
  62. Another Rant: Seth Davis
  63. IHS Daily Basketball Preview- Kellen Sampson
  64. IHS Daily Basketball Preview- Conference Predictions
  65. I'm really fired up for College basketball
  66. Most Disliked BBALL Player
  67. less football=more basketball
  68. ESPN/USA Today Poll is out
  69. Saw Kelvin at WW Airport
  70. Male practice squad for the Sooner ladies?
  71. IHS Daily Basketball Preview- Team Preview- Kansas
  72. Abi Olajuwon to make commitment today
  73. Injuries
  74. Student seating....
  75. Just to Get Your Blood Pressure Up Today
  76. Paris girls are out of control
  77. IHS Daily Basketball Preview- Team Preview- Texas
  78. The Eiffel Towers
  79. ***Official OU vs Northeastern State Ex. Game Thread***
  80. Taj Gray is a beast of epic proportions
  81. Review of NE St Exhibition
  82. Kevin Bookout Reminded Me of Something Today. . .
  83. Move over Les Miles...
  84. First AP pre-season poll is out and OU is................
  85. Sooners Land Big Man
  86. Abi Olajuwon!
  87. Is there Anything To The Rumor That Texas Women's BB Is A Lesbian Program?
  88. Did we sign everyone today?
  89. OU Basketball
  90. ESPN INSIDER Blue Ribbon OU Analysis...Long Read
  91. ESPN = Guh.
  92. WNIT First Round: OU vs Milwaukee-Wisconsin
  93. OU - NC Pembroke game thread
  94. Review of UNC Pembroke Exhibition
  95. Sooner women move to 2-0
  96. Is Sherri auditioning for the sequel to Saturday Night Fever?
  97. Quin Snyder has got to be done
  98. coaching your daughter's bball team
  99. Women advance to WNIT final
  100. Strange Basketball Smack
  101. Bobby and the Red Raiders routed...
  102. Remember that New Mexico team OU ladys beat?
  103. And that's the difference between Walker and Lavender
  104. Official Dana "Lyin' on a Stack of" Bible can't -screw THIS game up thread..
  105. OU-UConn
  106. Courtney Paris
  107. New Rankings
  108. W Va / UT
  109. Michigan State - Gonzaga...
  110. Tonight game on TV?
  111. bookout
  112. Bookout and Taj
  113. Tickets to the OU-SMU Game on January 4th
  114. is this the most talented OU team evar?
  115. OU v. Tulsa - Anyone going?
  116. Predict the Big 12 standings
  117. Doug Wojcik......
  118. ****The OFFICIAL OU v. Fightin' Bugles game thread****
  119. Well, It Was Ugly, But We Got the Win
  120. Hoosiers hanging with the fighting Vitales...
  121. IronHorse Sooner?
  122. The Ladies won their game too.
  123. Kansas losing to Nevada, 3:44 to go
  124. OU women have sinned!
  125. The "nut stomp"
  126. poor gaurd play
  127. This game reminded me of the Indiana final four game
  128. nova game impressions
  129. Why do we even start Chris Walker?
  130. Did Duke really just do that?
  131. Brandon Foust update
  132. Oklahoma State ends 44 game OOC home court win streak
  133. Gonzaga Kennel club needs help from Sooner Fans
  134. I Met Lauren Shoush Tonight
  135. Devils and Horns
  136. Zags and Pokes
  137. OU / Coppin State
  138. Are the stinkhorns so insecure...
  139. OSU got screwed by the refs against Gonzaga
  140. Mookie and "Horns"
  141. Scottie Reynolds Update
  142. OU/SMU DATE CHANGED!!!!!!
  143. Texas getting killed by Tennessee
  144. OU / Southern Game Thread
  145. Could CU finish top 3 or 4?
  146. My quarter season analysis
  147. WVU Game
  148. All-College roll call....
  149. I would've never dreamed...
  150. Quin Snyder going crazy
  151. Official Extra piece of pizza thread.
  152. If we get a defense
  153. Remember the good 'ol days....
  154. Problems with this years team
  155. For Those Who Thought We Wouldn't Miss Lavender and McKenzie
  156. OU/Bama game
  157. This is an absolute embarassment.
  158. Yes, it IS a coaching issue......
  159. Basketball can start. You have our permission.
  160. OU Women about to beat New Mexico
  161. Dear Adam Morrison,
  162. Memphis / texas
  163. What you can expect from Nebraska on Saturday(Long)
  164. Listen Online
  165. If you think we were bad tonight
  166. back from the game
  167. Goin to the Husker Game!!
  168. November 25, 1989
  169. Give It Up to the Sooner Women
  170. NCAA Hearing
  171. In case you like girls hoops
  172. I will never understand our rotation
  173. Bracketology
  174. What will our mens conference record be?
  175. Neal is out with a groin pull
  176. FYI
  177. ****Official OU/NU Thread****
  178. Well, it's never fun choking away a road win...
  179. Everett Giveth, and Everett Taketh Away
  180. Fire Calvin Simpson!
  181. Want to beat a press?
  182. The difference between the OU Women and the OU Men is...
  183. I know this has been touched on sparsley in other...
  184. 7 free throw attempts
  185. cbs sportsline says ou basketball is under investigation
  186. OU women vs. Ohio State game thread
  187. OU Women at #10 Ohio State
  188. Reason for Lack of Success
  189. Any update on Michael Neal?
  190. ** Official OU / Mizzou Game Thread **
  191. Nice to see...
  192. Home court advantage?
  193. My Mama always said if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all
  194. Does this surprise anyone?
  195. the real reason we've sucked it up so far in conference.
  196. What this team needs...
  197. Sampson likes the Horns over Villanova
  198. DeAngelo Alexander
  199. In 12 years of Basketball is this enough for OU?
  200. My Pops always said that...
  201. A Kelvin fan starting to say "enough"
  202. Spruce up the LNC
  203. I have a prediction...
  204. Big 12 with some good first halves
  205. I think OU fans would be more supportive
  206. Home Court Advantage!!!
  207. Does anybody have any pictures of OUr boys dunking over opponenets?
  208. Enough With the Gloom and Doom
  209. Interesting...
  210. Interesting stat on 3 pt shooters in Sooner history
  211. Sampson's players set record
  212. I just figured it out...
  213. Just saw Beky Preston and one of the Paris twins
  214. NBA comments on Taj Gray (from SI)....
  215. Tip to Kelvin....
  216. I remember LNC as one of the toughest places to play in the country
  217. After watching the Hornets at the LNC tonight...
  218. Godbold made ESPN's Not Top Ten...
  219. Prediction OU 22-9 7 seed 2 round loss
  220. aTm Game Thread?
  221. Things less painful than watching an OU men's basketball game
  222. Not trying to be negative, but seriously,
  223. Juco's and team leadership....
  224. Anyone else feel like this team doesn't care?
  225. Replace Kelvin with who?
  226. How 'bout them Sooners....
  227. Things that make you say....HUH???
  228. Been tryin' to get through to the OU basketball office all day!
  229. My OSU Source Tells Me
  231. Kansas-Missouri...
  232. New Bracketology
  233. vote for sooners!
  234. Where is the chemistry?
  235. Keith Clark
  236. a friend sent me this link
  237. OU Attendance
  238. Bobby Knight can kiss my Arse upside down in my grave!
  239. So who's loaded for Bear today?
  240. OU/TTech Prediction
  241. nice article on Courtney Paris in DMN
  242. OU-Tech Notes
  243. **Official OU/Red Knights Game Thread**
  244. Women's point guard transfer from Tenn?
  245. Sherri Coale show
  246. Taylor Griffin...
  247. ATM beats ISU in Ames (OT)
  248. Prediction: OU vs Baylor (Ladies)
  249. Okie State getting whipped by Colorado at home!
  250. Note to Kelvin