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  2. Who is this coach?
  3. so Mark Rodgers has said you can take this to the bank.
  4. How concerned are you with the timetable on finding a new coach...
  5. Oklahoman: Top Jobs in College Basketball
  7. I think OU should hire ....
  8. This just in....
  9. Sampson's tricky OU contract
  10. The Rick Barnes/NC State Dance and It's Impact on Sooner Basketball
  11. New name for 4/6/06
  12. Oklahoma's new BBall Coach
  13. Here's something for you round-ballers to cogitate on.
  14. Another name to throw in the mix
  15. Someone needs to call Mark Rodgers out on this!!!
  17. YE STURGEON!!!
  18. Turgeons offer
  19. Anyone hear Mike Montgomery last night...
  20. New name for 4-7
  21. Army Women's BB Coach Dead at 28.
  22. Any Truth To Tubby?
  23. dangit Joe, we missed out on Mike Davis
  24. Somebody punked us pretty good.
  25. scottie reynolds being recruited by other schools now
  26. Dionnah Jackson is now playing in Switzerland
  27. If Turgeon stays at WSU...
  28. A name
  29. I am really clueless...
  30. Here's Something We All Have In Common With The Team...
  31. Wichita loves BTK!! ang Turdgeon!
  33. C'mon peoples.. who's it gonna be?
  34. Calapari to NC State in next 24 hrs & ??s about OU private planes
  35. Former Sooner Legacy passes away
  36. Possible New OU Coach?
  37. the magical powers of Joe Castiglione
  38. Aldridge leaving for the NBA
  39. Word on Jason Detrick
  40. Turgeons Decision
  41. holy crap....
  42. We've got a coach now.....
  43. Jeff Capel!!!!! Jeff ****ing Capel, Mutha****as!!!!
  44. I like the Jeff Capel hire.
  45. Allright Sunshine Pumpers.......
  46. To all you people who bashed Kelvin.
  47. Capel's Duke Connections
  48. Please don't feed me this line...
  49. You hear that sound?
  50. I heard Mike Steeley say last week.....
  51. Only Time Will Tell With Jeff Capel...
  52. Jeff Capel
  53. The official "Calvin Simpson"-ize Capel's name thread
  54. Here are the numbers
  55. can someone do me a favor?
  56. Folks.....PLEASE understand this, for the last time.....
  57. Press Conference at 3 p.m
  58. Scottie Reynolds and Capel
  59. Coach Jeff Capel
  60. Traber is an idiot
  61. Poor Rat Boy.
  62. Who really gives a ****?
  63. Damion James ?
  64. Salary terms released
  65. ESPN article on Capel's hiring at VCU..
  66. Player reaction to Capel's hiring
  67. Just Wanted To Say...
  68. Incoming Recruits
  69. Agree? Disagree?
  70. Will Capel be a Stoops-type hire or...
  71. High Praise
  72. What about Bennie Seltzer?
  73. DeCourcy's Article on Texas
  74. Kevin Bookout
  75. NCST is back to the drawing board
  76. Oklahoman: New coach hits the floor
  77. JUCO to IU
  78. departure rumors
  79. ESPN: Sampson's Indiana deal includes penalties, incentives
  80. Bookout
  81. so, does Joe C. like being called Joe by coaches?
  82. Chances of signing Slim Shady
  83. Screw Kelvin Sampson
  84. Did anyone else grow up hating Duke?
  85. Attention, Kelvin supporters who are freaked out about the Capel hire...
  86. How long will Kelvin last @ IU
  87. Kelvin signs a JUCO player
  88. What kind of season will we have in Capel's first year?
  89. OU Women's Hoops Off-Season Thread
  90. Coach Capel
  91. Coach Capel hires Mark Cline as assistant coach
  92. Women who like women shouldn't go to Penn State to play college Bball...
  93. No Scottie Reynolds = NIT at best next year
  94. Oklahoman: Brokeback Cowboys Rat Out Sooners
  95. how did the meeting go ?
  96. Looks like KU might be in more trouble than OU
  97. Capel's first test...
  98. F the Oklahoman
  99. Can't wait for Huggins
  100. Dean is at it again!
  101. P.J. Tucker and Daniel Gibson to test NBA Draft waters
  102. Mayfield asks for release
  103. Confession of aKS supporter
  104. Enough Already!
  105. Scottie to LSU?
  106. Reynolds, James, and Mayfield
  107. It's nearly May
  108. Will Bob Stoops let Adron Tennil (sp) play Basketball too?
  109. 3 Schollys to Give
  110. Introducing NCAAwiki
  111. Word on the Street
  112. So, I hear its a fact Hoffman won't be retained
  113. Who is missing from this list?
  114. Getting to know coach Capel
  115. Uzoh commits to Tulsa
  116. Who besides me is tired of SCHOLLY-GATE?
  117. And now for something comletely different
  118. Capel officially hires Cline; Hoffman out
  119. I've got my rec specs on and i'm ready to go.
  120. The attempted kastration of kris kaman
  121. Reynolds and James and Mayfield
  122. Breaking News! Reynolds, James, and Mayfield commit
  123. Sooners just got a commit for 07
  124. IU got another Commitment
  125. Hernol Hall to Visit
  126. Players released from LOIs
  127. Kelvin Sampson already fired....
  128. Latest on SCOTTIE REYNOLDS!
  129. Damion James
  130. Kinda early, but the first tournament bracket is out!
  131. Hasheem Thabeet
  132. Which one of you turds caused Kelvin to leave?
  133. Kelvin could ACTUALLY be fired...ESPN story
  135. Coach Capel on WWLS right now (7:00 CST)**
  136. Charles Barkley: SEC "We got crooks all over the South."
  137. NBA Honors: Best teams for the 2006 season
  138. Rod Barnes reportedly hired as Assistant.
  139. USC Point Guard shot dead
  140. Cleveland Cav's Hughes' Brother Passes Away
  141. Blake Griffin.....
  142. Jeremy Mayfield to UAB
  143. Prospects for 2006
  144. Hernol Hall released by Duquesne
  145. Keith Clark Questions....
  146. Betts and Barnes
  147. PJ Tucker signs with agent
  148. Thomas Gardner signs with an agent
  149. Eddie Sutton Retiring
  150. Maui invitational
  151. Interesting OU-Aggy article
  152. James to A&M
  153. 2009 Commitment
  154. Sean Sutton targets national title for fatherís resume
  155. James to Texas
  156. James to East Popcorn State
  157. whoops, James now to West Virginia
  158. James to DeVry
  159. James to Spartan School of Aeronautics
  160. James to Enter Spelling Contest
  161. Where did all the turn-coats go?
  162. James to Tulsa Welding School
  164. James to Diesel Driving Academy
  165. James to Art Instruction Schools
  166. MAZE HALL
  168. Sporting News: Sooners Have Worst Coaching Hire
  169. Adron Tennell?
  170. Isn't today(May 25) the day?
  171. Traber(rumor) has it
  172. Sampson barred from off-campus recruiting
  173. Myles Brand
  174. Need an Update
  175. Over/Under for Capel's first season....
  176. Who will the MVP be next year?
  177. Any other recruiting possibilities ?
  178. Does anyone else think...
  179. Capel gets commit from walk-on/academic scholly
  180. grats for hiring barnes
  181. Coale article
  182. Holy crikey. Sampson not what I thought at all.
  183. good article on Capel from KC Star
  184. You'd think it was the offseason!
  185. Michael Ott
  186. Official NBA Finals Game 1 Thread
  187. Maze: Capel's first signee (soonersports.com)
  188. Conversation with Capel
  189. Faith 7 Game: Keith Clark Team MVP
  190. JJ Redick Arrested for DUI
  191. Really cool article about Kellen Sampson
  192. Longhorns' Gibson says he'll enter NBA draft
  193. Say what you will about Sampson...
  194. Big Ben's little sis commits to OU
  195. Isaiah Thomas fires Larry Brown, replaces him with....
  196. That's VICE-PRESIDENT Coale to you........
  197. Taj Gray
  198. 86-87 game tapes
  199. Chris Early commits to OU and Capel for 2007
  200. Relly Rell
  201. Re: Sooner NBA Prospects
  202. Anyone know if Maze is in summer School at OU?
  203. Hernol Hall Commits to Cincy
  204. Crocker?
  205. Impact of Sampson Leaving
  206. Great ESPN article on Capel
  207. A Possible Unforseen Positive About Capel Coming to OU...
  208. Hollis Price on Myron Patton's show today
  209. Besides Longar, Who Else Is Taller Than 6'7"
  210. vvvvery cheap game gold here!!!!!!
  211. what's going on at k-state?
  212. Barry Collier a finalist for AD position at Butler
  213. coale/paris blog on ss.com
  214. Fire Calvin Simpson...?
  215. Opening game in Maui
  216. Texas/OU dates, times, and TV
  217. Schedule
  218. It looks NU is close to hiring Doc Sadler from UTEP
  219. The Moose is Loose!
  220. OU Women season ticket renewal
  221. Taj Gray to play hoops in France.
  222. Anyone get their women's season ticket application back?
  223. Mens schedule released
  224. Sampson reprimanded by coaches group over violations
  225. Ebi Ere
  226. Big 12 announces Womens television schedule
  227. Tony Neysmith...new sooner
  228. Capel comments beforegame and at half
  229. Saw my preseason magazine and we are
  230. Anoyne in the know abot the individual preseason workouts?
  231. Sherri gets a guard.......
  232. Jenny Vining: Four-Star
  233. Saw my second preseason Magazine,Atlon
  234. If you didn't get your OU Womens reserved seats..........
  235. Baseline Bash?
  236. "Texas Sucks" at Basketball
  237. TUCK FEXAS ! ! !
  238. Only five more weeks...
  239. KU's NCAA Sanctions
  240. Anyone got a first pactice/baseline bash report?
  241. Sherri Coale pic thread
  242. Sherri Coale on Generally Speaking
  243. Big XII Preseason Poll released
  244. WBB: Preseason Poll & Media Day Quotes
  245. Been watching games from last year....
  246. Michael Neal: Insulted
  247. Dang Courtney, wouldja get in gear?????
  248. Capel- Media Day Quotes.
  249. How can you not like Kellen?
  250. Coaches Poll Top 25