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  1. Got my renewal for the OU Womens basketball tickets today............
  2. What is wrong with Sherri's right hand?
  3. Championship Jayhawk Players are Pot Partiers in NBA
  4. Has anybody watched individual worouts?
  5. OU Season Basketball Tickets
  6. Dickie V.'s top 40
  7. "Boom goes the dynamite" guy gets hired...
  8. I will be at OU FOUR YEARS
  9. Sooners garner more high marks
  10. MBB Student tickets go on sale tomorrow!!!
  11. The Seaon as I see (hope) it goes
  12. Wayman Tisdale, this will make your day!
  13. Men's Hoops Reveals New Uniforms
  14. KS update: Let's blame Indy
  15. We're #1
  16. Big Baby Food
  17. Just got word about student ticket sales
  18. Blake Griffin named Big12 Preseason Player of the Year/Willie Warren named top frosh
  19. Plea to the NCAA: Don't hose the Hoosiers, the damage is done
  20. Hoops team gets verbal.......
  21. Sportsline Top 25
  22. did hardrick move back to lawton?
  23. OU at TU Tickets Available Now
  24. Another student ticket update!
  25. **Lute Olson Stepping Down**
  26. Free Insider Preview. Blue Ribbon Preview of OU Basketball
  27. First Coaches Poll
  28. Scrimmage
  29. Blake Griffin is the Big 12's only All-American
  30. Courtney Paris rare unanimous All-America pick
  31. Free Tickets For Wednesday Game
  32. Free webcast (video) for exhibition games--tonight!
  33. So how are the Sooner Ladies going to do?
  34. OU vs. Cameron
  35. 2009 NBA Mock Draft...
  36. SI Cover 11/12/08
  37. Dick Vitale
  38. Official OU/America game thread... but OSU is on TV
  39. So what did you guys think of the student section?
  40. Blake Griffin Video Diary
  41. 04's Attempt: OU vs. American Recap
  42. Scouting MVSU; Apparantly, They Don't Go To School
  43. ncaa basketball 09
  44. Patillo to redshirt?
  45. Offcial Game Thread: Oklahoma vs. Miss Valley State
  46. 04's Attempt: OU vs. MVSU Recap
  47. Time and channel for Davidson and OU?
  48. Is Anyone Else as Excited
  49. Official Davidson vs OU Game Thread
  50. Hey Fran Fraschilla
  51. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Davidson Recap
  52. Preseason NIT?
  53. Blake IS a basketball god
  54. So, Juan Patillo Wants to Redshirt
  55. Tickets
  56. Stat question
  57. Junior College Players
  58. If the news gets any better I won't be able to stand it!!!!
  59. **OU v. SUC Lower Reserved SOLD OUT**
  60. RATS! I'm going to be in the OKC/Norman area Friday...
  61. Has Pat Knight been taking Tubbs lessons?.......
  62. USC and UCLA both fall tonight.
  63. What past loss hurt you the most?
  64. Kelvin Sampson...........The gift that keeps on giving
  65. Congratulations Courtney Paris!
  66. Official Gardner Webb vs. Oklahoma Thread
  67. Thoughts From the GW Game....
  68. Good Day to Be a Sooner
  69. OU v. North Carolina
  70. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Gardner-Webb Recap
  71. While watching the St. Joe's / Texas game...
  72. Kelvin Sampson banned for 5 years by NCAA
  73. If you haven't seen OUr ladies team . . .
  74. I'll Be in Shreveport For a Few Days
  75. Did you forget OU is on television tonight?
  76. ***Official UAB vs. OU Game Thread***
  77. How do you think we match up against Purdue?
  78. Awesome Write up on Griffin and OU!
  79. Sherri Coale, old or new?
  80. Before the stomping of the Sheepists in Stoolwater...
  81. Bobby Maze sighting
  82. I don't see flak anywhere! ****OFFICIAL DICK'S NIT FINAL OU-PURDUE GAME THREAD***
  83. 2008 NIT Season Tip-Off champions
  84. Willie Warren
  85. Jeff Capel
  86. 04's Attempt: OU at Madison Square Garden Recap
  87. Sooner Men Jump Up To #6
  88. OU Women vs UConn
  89. What are the chances?
  90. quite disturbing....
  91. Wayman on the front page of ESPN.com
  92. Fox Sports Spek for Blake
  93. Students, I am expecting you to bring it tomorrow night
  94. The womens game last night.............
  95. In What Has Become a Big 12 CG Weekend Tradition
  96. OU vs USC Game thread
  97. Favorite quote of the night.
  98. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Southern California Recap
  99. My brush with fame...
  100. Duplicate Post
  101. OU vs Tulsa - BOK Edition
  102. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Tulsa Recap
  103. OU up to 5th...
  104. Does any womens team play a tougher schedule than OU?
  105. Go to the OU/Maine basketball game
  106. Will OU be 16-0........
  107. OU-Maine on channelsurfing.net
  108. 04's Attempt: OU vs. The Black Bears of Maine Recap
  109. Official Gamethread: OU- Utah
  110. OU now #4
  111. utah jerk
  112. the jerk
  113. ESPN: 25% chance Thunder get Blake Griffin
  114. Blake Griffin Video Diary
  115. Where's 04's attempt -vs- The Tripping Utes?
  116. Where is the game thread?
  117. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Virginia Commonwealth Recap
  118. Anybody see the Zags/UConn game in Seattle?
  119. Way to go Horns!
  120. What channel is the OU-Rice BB game on 12/22/2008?
  121. Umm..I'll go. Game thread vs. Rice
  122. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Rice Recap
  123. Random women's basketball chatter thread
  124. What time is OU and Arkansas...
  125. OU vs. Arkansas game thread
  126. Blake vs. Washington
  127. Arkansas loss not too bad for the team..
  128. Arkansas Analysis
  129. The goals this year are looking tougher
  130. 04, where are you?
  131. Hey, apparently we're beating the poo out of Coppin State right now
  132. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Coppin State Recap
  133. oSu has swagger?Why?!
  134. What Would Happen
  135. Coach Capel Hospitalized
  136. OU vs. Maryland Eastern Game Thread
  137. UMES Review/Overall Non Conference Grade
  138. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Maryland-Eastern Shore Recap
  139. ESPN OU's Griffin dominates like no other
  140. Basketball Intro Video
  141. Piggies take down horns too.......
  142. Piggies take down horns too.......
  143. Can somebody give me a scouting report on Michigan State?
  144. Conference play begins: OU vs KSU game thread
  145. KSU Review
  146. 04's Attempt: OU vs. K-State Recap
  148. GO SOONERS ! ! ! BEAT TEXAS ! ! !
  149. OFFICIAL I tried to make it short enough to take replies
  150. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Texas Recap
  151. Bedlam tickets sold out; other games still available
  152. Capel
  153. Bears v. Aggies
  154. ALL Things Tourney Related (RPI, Bracketology, etc.)
  155. This Picture Reminded Me of Something
  156. OU vs TAM
  157. My thoughts on Kelvin Sampson...
  158. TAMU Game
  159. OK, I'll admit it.
  160. TAMU Game Thoughts
  161. Free T.J. Taylor interview
  162. The next two games.
  163. Austin Johnson is Big 12 Player of the Week
  164. New Rankings and Bracketology Are Out
  165. Sherri Coale Should Recruit This Girl
  166. OU v Nebraska
  167. Nebraska: Trap Game?
  168. TV for game tonight
  169. Nice game thread so called Sooner fans
  170. Gunsmoke instead of OU Women's game
  171. Calling Sooner04 & OUSKINS
  172. I'm so sick and tired of this crap.....
  173. A look at Baylor
  174. Student Tickets Cost, Fan Support & Consession Sales
  175. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Nebraska Recap
  176. Any $10 Tickets For Sale For Baylor?
  177. Article on Blake in the newest SI
  178. Joe C. better get out the checkbook pronto!
  179. OU-Baylor Game Thread
  180. Patillo Playing.
  181. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Baylor Recap
  182. Are we becoming...
  183. I got a bad feeling about tomorrow night !
  184. OU-OSU game FREE tonight
  185. So... what do we name our court?
  186. AP Poll
  187. Bedlam Predictions.
  188. Last Game at Old GIA
  189. Tulsa World: Grudge Match
  190. They tipped the game early due to weather!
  191. Bedlam game thread
  192. Official Sooners vs Aggy game thread 1/29/09
  193. Is It Possible We Are A Basketball School
  194. 04's Attempt: OU vs. O-State Recap
  195. An Open Letter to Austin Johnson...
  196. Slick Aggie Floor
  197. Got a nickname for Keiton Page?
  198. Willie Warren?
  199. The Conference Has Really Sped Up
  200. ? For Anyone at The Game at G.I.
  201. so how many 3s did the pokes attempt?
  202. How well do you know your 88 Sooners?
  203. Kelvin Sampson appealing
  204. Anybody have link to story about OU's homage to OSU in 2001 after plane crash?
  205. President to attend the Lady Bear vs. OU game tonight
  206. 1/28 OU Women @ Baylor
  207. Pitt and Duke lose.
  208. Rest of season thoughts?
  209. Blake:"As it stands right now, I plan on coming back"
  210. Tickets for OU-Tennessee women available
  211. Georgia after Jeff Capel ?
  212. Wimmins BB: Monday Night OU vs Tenn
  213. We're not a basketball school obviously vs. ISU game thread
  214. Upset brewing in Austin.......
  215. Yall Can Win it All this Year
  216. Thoughts on Iowa State and Becoming a Dad
  217. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Iowa State Recap
  218. Basketball News, with extra Onion...
  219. OU Hoops on ESPN...
  220. OU's #2!!!!!!!!
  221. I dont undestand...
  222. OU v. a&m on TV in DFW?
  223. Juan Pattillo is the...
  224. Scottie Reynolds
  225. Willie Warren, Austin Johnson, and Mason-Griffin
  226. Glad Turgeon was NOT interested and we got STUCK with Capel
  227. Ofishul 2/04 OU vs Dead Doggie U thread
  228. OU vs eATMe
  229. Another upset brewing in Asstin
  230. Juan
  231. Capel Got These Two?
  232. 04's Attempt: OU vs. eATMe Recap
  233. Big XII: Who'll make the big dance?
  234. University of the Ghetto?
  235. Where is the best bar to go before the game...
  236. aggy: Making Oklahoma proud, one moron at a time
  237. McDonalds All American Game?
  238. Keeping Capel...
  239. 2/07 OU vs Colorado
  240. Ho-hum, another day, another possible Texas upset
  241. Should Patillo Be Starting?
  242. 04's Attempt: OU vs. Colla-Rodda Recap
  243. game thread for women vs osu ???
  244. Do you hate Ed Hightower as much as I do?
  245. Ray Willis Suspended.
  246. OU is Bored Right Now...and I'm OK With That...For Now
  247. KU-Mizzou
  248. KU and Mizzou look like...
  249. Wow, how things have changed!
  250. ESPN2 Got it Right for Wednesday Night