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  1. free phone program
  2. SEIU and their practices
  3. Obamas comments about Penn State
  4. ? Where is Sapp?
  5. Occupy yermom
  6. How 'bout them Iranians and their nuclear program?
  7. ACORN Bait & Swithch Still Alive in Occupy Wall STreet - NYC
  8. 560 days later...Manning still awaiting trial
  9. If you can't beat the OWS protestors, join them!
  10. A proud moment in the senate.
  11. Gay, are you born that way or is it a choice??
  12. LMFAO Look Who NBC Hired
  13. Constitutional right to tents and sleeping bags
  14. You ever notice something about these Occupy Whatever dorks?
  15. Brother can you spare a dime.
  16. Meet MOP: the 30,000 lb bunker buster; 6X larger than next largest bunker buster
  17. Rich Man - Poor Man
  18. Occupy wall street divided
  19. Ron Paul, surging ahead
  20. DOJ Blocks Voter ID
  21. Conservatives are as wrong on economics as liberals
  22. Occupy OKCity Update - Where Tents ARE Allowed
  23. Obama Continues to Blame Others for Nation's Struggles
  24. Herman Cain sinking faster than the Titanic
  25. Calling SicEmBaylor
  26. You know what keeps me awake at night? This!
  27. How about better parents?
  28. Supercommittee to announce it has failed
  30. Occupy Oakland...The Pictures Dont Lie
  31. Bitch Stole His Fish
  32. What If...
  33. Fox News viewers less informed...
  34. pub national security debate CNN
  35. Climate gate 2.0
  36. Obama is why companies are not hiring
  37. We were told the world LOVED Obama
  38. Our Foreign Policy at Work
  39. Barney Frank
  40. What About Occupy The Fed?
  41. Is it too early to start thinking about the Iowa Caucus?
  42. Iranian "students" at it again...
  43. So, You Want That We Should Be More Like Europe????
  44. The US and World
  45. 999
  46. American Airlines
  47. For the amnesty crowd
  48. WHo would have ever thunk it...
  49. Welcome to the Police State
  50. The REAL Newt Gingrich
  51. The most accurate description of the OWS crowd to date.
  52. Family Planning
  53. Hillary in Myanmar
  54. Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks $13 Billion Undisclosed to Congress
  55. Ann Barnhardt explains why she closed her brokerage as a result of MF collapse.
  56. Hey cruiser
  57. PubFest 2012
  58. Welfare slugs in million dollar home.
  60. Oh Canada!!!
  61. Another corrupt Chicago politician bites the dust
  62. An Obama challenger appears!
  63. Plan B won't be available OTC to younger teens, HHS says
  64. Oh, the humanity!!!!
  65. NAACP petitions UN: US states engage in "massive voter suppression" of minorities.
  66. DO Congress and the Obama Administration Want Beastiality?
  67. What Would THomas Jefferson Do?
  68. California Dreamin'
  69. Not in my backyard
  70. Good fences make.....
  71. Great read.............
  72. Urgent Message from the Troops
  73. Obama Baby Momma Secretly Taking Snausage?
  74. Another WTH from the Obama Administration
  75. Attack Watch Website - Report to Obama
  76. Obama Gave US Drone to Iranians
  77. Congress in trouble
  78. You knew it was coming
  79. Obama Media Love Statements -
  80. Anyone see Rock Center with Brian Willaims tonight?
  81. How That Free Healthcare in the UK Doing???
  82. Latest Iranian Threat Sends Oil Prices Up
  83. Dallas Morning News: Craig James to run for Senate
  84. Payroll Tax Cut Extension - What's a Hand Shake Worth in Washington?
  85. What the Heck?
  86. The Feds(DOJ) now going after SHERIFF JOE in Arizona
  87. Very Good Non-Political Speech on the Need for Firearms.....Amsterdam
  88. That Maine college girl's welfare column
  89. Tax deduction for athletic department donations
  90. What if Tim Tebow were Muslim?
  91. Newt explains
  92. Obama Gave US Drone to Italians
  93. New Haven Mayor
  94. Feliz Navidad
  95. Do you think that everyone has terrorist written on their forehead?
  96. Mary Fallin and John Doak: Restricting Newborns' Enrollment to Health Insurance
  97. What if Tim Tebow wore Muslin?
  98. The Tax System Explained in Beers
  99. Deportations Increase under Obama
  100. Obearack re-erection looking UP!
  101. I Know One Person From Iowa...
  102. 7 Worst Product Flops of 2011
  103. Rick Perry says, "Ban Sriracha Sauce!"
  104. Y/N questions for 2012
  105. When Can a President Execute a Citizen Without Trial?
  106. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
  107. Intelligent Design Is Dead: A Christian Perspective
  108. Obama Emulates His Hero Abraham Lincoln:Signs NDAA
  109. Iran Warns US
  110. The Meaningless Sideshow Begins : Matt Tiiabbi Rolling Stone.
  111. Santorum: States Should Have The Right To Outlaw Birth Control
  112. Would You Sign?
  113. Oklahoma Republicans: Insurance Company Profits--More Important than Low Prices
  114. GM to "call back" 8,000 Chevy Volts
  115. Maybe Ron Paul isn't so crazy.
  116. George Stephanopoulos; Agenda?
  117. Can I Vote for a Mormon -- An Op-Ed
  118. Appeals court upholds block on Oklahoma ban on Sharia law.
  119. NYT - Millions in Fines for Not Using a Biofuel That Doesn’t Exist
  120. Can I vote for a Moron -- An Op-Ed
  121. France expels record number of illegal immigrants, minister boasts
  122. Helping illegal immigrants a crime in France
  123. It's getting serious: Iranian Nuclear Scientist killed by car bomb.
  124. How can any Republican beat Mitt at this point?
  125. An Old Adversary Dies
  126. What would make that Mississippi Gov go full retard??
  127. Krauthammer praising Ron Paul's movement
  128. Mitt Romney is serial killer "Mitt the Ripper"
  129. Huntsman Jr. drops out of presidential race today
  130. Iran threatens closing the Strait of Hormuz...
  131. This should make the wingnuts head explode part 1
  132. This should make the wingnuts head explode part 2
  133. The Wisconsin Recall Thread, Part 2
  134. SOPA and PIPA
  135. My Official 2012 Presidential Endorsement Thread
  136. Harold Hamm talks to Obama
  137. The Obamas: Do as we say not as we do
  138. The Religious Right
  139. Obama's "streamlining the gov" ploy...
  140. How Gingrich won South Carolina...
  141. The freedoms that we are fighting for
  142. Obama campaign commercial 2012
  143. Megaupload shutdown
  144. Tim Thomas has huge cajones!
  145. Obama's Blockage of the Keystone XL Pipeline
  146. John Kerry Senior Aide arrested for releasing classified information!
  147. hey obama
  148. Obama does an about face on offshore drilling
  149. Voter ID cards required....in Mexico
  150. Next time Jan...just kick his arse.
  151. Racist or conservative? you must be stupid!!
  152. Barney Frank
  153. Obama proposes shifting fed dollars away from colleges with outta control costs
  154. Demographic Winter
  155. Obama's Complete List of Historic Firsts
  156. College Professor Tenure Under Fire in Oklahoma
  157. Dreamers and Mitt the Merciless
  158. Social Justice Quiz 2012: 13 Questions
  159. Bama the beautiful
  160. Phlorida Primary 2012
  161. The Race to 1144
  162. This Forum is Nuts
  163. Indiana becomes a right to work state.
  165. Unemployment rate falls to 8.3%
  166. Wow, Illegal Immigrants don't mind breaking our election laws. Imagine that.
  167. Nevada Caucuses 2012
  168. JFK - Whore dog
  169. Oklahoma tax cut proposal
  170. Prop 8 banning gay marriage ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL
  171. Catholic church wants to force its religious views on all its non-Catholic employees
  172. State Senator introduces bill to ban...what?
  173. Enthusiasm Gap. Does it spell trouble for the GOP this fall?
  175. Johnson tries to ban masturbation
  176. Barry Soetoro has just ...
  177. Oklahoma gets waived on No Child Left Behind
  178. What was the name ...
  179. China and Canada Reach Deal On Oil and Uranium
  180. House votes to give President Obama line item veto
  181. An Oldie, but tells it all
  182. Barry in BIG trouble
  183. I'm sure the Obamaites already have these...
  184. Looks like Obama blinks first in the fight with the Catholic church.
  185. Hmm, Doesn't Fit The Narrative. Carry On With The Name Calling
  186. He be helping his friends, again!
  187. Obama/Volt 2012
  188. Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky
  189. 77 Disgusting Revelations
  190. Palin's CPAC CHUTZPAH Feb. 11, 2012
  191. Why I hate religion but love Jesus
  192. Had Sarah Palin run for the GOP nomination, she would have won.
  193. Samuel L Jackson: votes for Obama because he's black/Tea Party racist
  194. 53% of Liberal Democrats Support Keeping Gitmo Open
  195. Fudging the Unemployment Numbers?
  196. I agree: GOP= epic fail as 2nd party, isn't credible conservative opposition
  197. Some Catholic Saw This Coming
  198. Do You Think the $7500 Tax Credit for the Volt is Dumb?
  199. Horrible: Justice Breyer robbed
  200. We Need a Global Minimum Tax
  201. Attack Watch!
  202. 350.ORG
  203. Same Old Obama
  204. Liberal Pot Calls Kettle Black
  205. Oklahoma elects first openly gay state senator
  206. How can you be pro-life and for the death penalty at the same time?
  207. The Republican race to the bottom continues unabated
  208. How can you be a fiscal conservative and a social liberal at the same time?
  209. What should be done with Iran?
  210. I Hate the GOP
  211. Ron Paul = LOVE
  212. Tax Credit For Wind Power Looks Like It Is Ending
  213. Third Anniversary of the 2009 Stimulus Package
  214. The Joke About the Big Birth Control Pill
  215. How Can You Want Less Govt. Intrusion But Support Govt. Sanctioned Prayer In Schools?
  216. Obama gets 'groped' by 2 women during restaurant visit!
  217. GOP Big Wig Jumps Ship
  218. On American narrow mindedness
  219. Rick Santorum on prenatal testing. This guy is a dangerous loon.
  220. They're Back!!!!!!
  221. The Transvaginal Probe: another new low for Republicans and the US Taliban
  222. This Bill Clinton thing on Frontline/PBS
  223. Geitner Slips - No Obama Plan for Deficit or Social Programs
  224. Teaching Oklahoma kids alternatives to evolution and global warming
  225. Christie mopping the floor with CNN's Piers Morgan
  226. Will someone please remind me what we are supposed to be doing in Afghanistan?
  227. 12 Greenest Cars
  228. John Edwards presidential campaign sex tape
  229. Question for libertarians on forced vaccinations and herd immunity
  230. Anybody Watching Africa? Obama Sends Troops to....
  231. Does anyone care what happens in Syria?
  232. Colbert turns Dead Mormans to Dead Jews....
  233. Will gas prices impact your vote in 2012?
  234. Would you support fat taxes?
  235. Voter Photo ID?
  236. GM and Chrysler Bailouts 3.5 yrs after
  237. Regulation used to protect cartels?
  238. Obama...same old plan different verse
  239. Obama foreign policy failure...
  240. A woman's body: Is it the government's business?
  241. Would you support a bipartispresidential ticket?
  242. Here comes Obama's 3 a.m. phone call (link)
  243. DO YOU TRUST ROMNEY to get rid of Obamacare?
  244. Breitbart Dead at 43
  245. Harold Hamm to be chairman of Romney's energy policy advisory group
  246. Giant Turd Blocks Keystone Pipeline
  247. Romney tells truth: Spending cuts slow economic growth
  248. Candidate uses 5-year-old son in ad and on Fox News
  249. Demonstrators greet Santorum in OKC (video)
  250. An Appeal to My Fellow Okies