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  1. Whew - now we can borrow $trillions$ more
  2. Refrain from discussing politics and religion...
  3. it takes a big man to make fun of
  4. NY Democrat+Cell Phone Camera= Weinergate 2.0
  5. Dear Fellow Conservatives
  6. S&P downgrades US credit rating
  7. Vote out every incumbent.
  8. Congressional Salaries, Pensions and Benefits
  9. Obama speaks
  10. A maxi pad banner? Classic
  11. Students4Perry Ad
  12. Relief at the Gas Pumps
  13. By Gawd Its stilll Bush's fault.
  14. The Wisconsin Recall Thread
  15. The Iowa GOP Debate
  16. Ron Paul: Let Iran go Nuclear
  17. Neidermeyer Jumps in the Race
  18. English Lesson - How to Speak Democrat
  19. Gallup: 39%
  20. Vote Herman Cain
  21. Supreme Court upholding Obamacare?
  22. Fiddling while Rome burns...
  23. Alan West to Hamas-linked CAIR: "NUTS."
  24. The RYAN RHODES thing with OBAMA in Iowa yesterday
  25. Can Congress use Commerce Clause to
  26. Obama Cares
  27. Tom Coburn on Obama
  28. Here Sicem Heeere Sicem ... Good Boy
  29. Anyone who believes that Obamas tour is not campaigning...
  30. Tea Party less popular than Atheist and Muslims
  31. Jon Stewart Scolds Media for Ignoring Ron Paul Aug 15 2011
  32. Texas Job Creation
  33. more politics...
  34. Gov. Mary Fallin rang the Wall Street bell today
  35. Hey Nero, the Dow is down 400 points...
  36. You Know The Really Scarey Thing About The Economy?
  37. Goodwill tour my ***
  38. Fun with Tom (Coburn)
  40. We dont need no stinkin immigration law
  41. Politics 2000-2011: Where are the Grownups?
  42. First!!!
  43. Mod Questions
  44. Reason #1 To Vote For Ron Paul
  45. Meet New GM
  46. Reason #2 To Vote For Ron Paul
  47. I suppose this goes here
  48. to the shores of Tripoli ... Gadhafi is history. Finally.
  49. Name of the Forum
  50. Obama: Low rating shows unhappiness with Congress
  51. World of Class Warfare - The Poor's Free Ride Is Over
  52. Explain (or justify) this inconsistency (or hypocrisy):
  53. On the poor.
  54. Obama's hypocrisy
  55. Rick Perry on the Economic Crises
  56. The Donkey Whisperer
  57. Obama vs. Perry
  58. Earthquake Cause
  59. Ron Paul on Obama's Change in 2008
  60. Questions for Obama
  61. Wisconsin Justice No-Billed!!!
  62. Obama on the Economic Crisis
  63. Obama Poem
  64. Republicans "suck"
  65. This is why 'Time' magazine calls him the Prophet...
  66. Colin Powell Sucks!
  67. You make the call
  68. Joe Biden was in Tulsa yesterday
  69. Congressional Black Caucus: Tea Party wants blacks "hanging from trees"
  70. In Soviet Amerika: Detroit Edition
  71. Fixing MLK memorial
  72. Scum Sucking Federalist Pigs
  73. In Soviet Amerika - Photos equal Rape
  74. If I were to create a vBookie political event
  75. Enjoy the Truth
  76. August Auto Sales
  77. Zero Net Jobs Added in August
  78. OKlahoma Local: Corporation Commissioner Jeff Cloud resigned
  79. Cough, Obama sees the GOP pov
  80. Is the USPS really nearly broke
  81. Goverment Suggests Gibson Guitar Move Overseas
  82. Even NASACAR drivers want to distance them selfs from OBAMA
  83. D**k Cheney is right about one thing...
  84. In Soviet Amerika - You Don't Need Guns
  85. Obama Contributors - Even Alternative Energy Busineses Going Under
  86. More Truth!
  87. Obama jobs plan
  88. Jimmy Hoffa Wants WAR!
  89. Stretching the Truth (The Debate)
  90. Justice Dept Attacks on Gibson Guitar Politically motivated??
  91. Stay classy, unions.
  92. BAYLOR BASH: Ann Richards and Ken Starr talk
  93. Perry bullies Ron Paul during commercial break.
  94. If BEARACK OBEAR had a job in the PRIVATE SECTOR!
  95. For Those That Believe That Bush And Cheney Rigged Intelligence Against Iraq...
  96. Dems Starting to Think Obama Could Lose
  97. The Affirmative Action President
  98. Bank of America, creating wealth, not jobs
  99. Boots on the ground in Libya...
  100. pub debate
  101. Issa on Holder: "so inept that he is dangerous to have as the Attorney General."
  102. Tulsa city council primary tonight
  103. Oh No! SAY IT AIN'T SO, New York!
  104. Sarah Palin banged Glen Rice....allegedly.
  105. Obama = Jimma
  106. The Pledge of Allegiance as an Offensive Weapon.
  107. Name one thing you dislike about politics in general
  108. Obama Administration Crimes in Kenya
  109. Interesting perspective on some big numbers..........
  110. A conversation with FBI agent who was at the center of the 9/11 investigation
  111. If You Love Me - You will pass This Bill Immediately!
  112. The next big bailout?
  113. Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Resigns Over Global Warming
  114. The Ron Paul thing
  115. 1.5T in tax hikes (proposed)
  116. Solyndra
  117. IMF Sharply Downgrades U.S. Economic Outlook
  118. Reply from Senator Coburn
  119. New Marist Poll Has Obama At 39% Approval Lowest Ever
  120. The Smartest Man in the Room..
  121. Fed is expected to take new action to lift economy
  122. OU, beyonces!
  123. What will YOU do?
  124. UT is very liberal and has the most liberal professors in the State of Texas!
  125. Troy Davis Executed
  126. Tax Cheats Unite Behind Obama
  127. Ron Paul Wins Cleveland County Straw Poll
  128. Nobody in this country got rich on their own...
  129. Gary Johnson
  130. Call me a turd, but...
  131. Senate and House drama on the spendin' bill
  132. Why S&P down graded US
  133. FEMA
  134. Democats - Republicats
  135. U.S. Government Used Taxpayer Funds to Buy, Sell Weapons During 'Fast and Furious'
  136. Christie/Rubio 2012
  137. Obama's Jobs Plan Is So Important...
  138. "6 out of 10 people don't expect the economy to improve...
  139. Libyan surface to air missiles missing
  140. Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength want your donations
  141. I Agree With Al-Queada
  142. Let's talk Greece again
  143. Really? NPR... Really?
  144. Muslims Outside of Iran Expect Tolerance, But....
  145. Anarchy and a Full Government Takeover of American Society is the Goal!
  146. Federal retirement benefits exploding
  147. Interesting Polling Data
  148. Discrimination?
  149. Will Obama do anything with Iranian ships off our shores?
  150. More TaxPayer Skimulus Dollars Back into the Democratic Party Coffers?
  151. He needs to be impeached
  152. U.S.-born Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki killed: Yemeni officials
  153. Christian preacher to be executed in iran..
  154. Alabama Immigration Law Upheld
  155. Predator Drone - 1 Anwar al-Awlaki - 0
  156. Two ounces of cocaine + prior no criminal history == 36 year prision sentence
  157. Time to put the foot down on the [email protected] presidential primary schedule
  158. Ron Paul critical of Awlaki Killing?
  159. Can Chris Christie Be A Viable Presidential Candidate In Spite Of His Looks?
  160. The latest crime wave - WSJ
  161. "The Obama Media helps Launch Van Jones Revolution"
  162. Koch Bros. trading with Iran...don't worry, it's all legal
  163. American Airlines
  164. Hank "Are You Ready For Some Football" Williams Jr. Fired For Comments
  165. Proposed Constitutional Amendment
  166. AG Eric Holder Caught Lying Under Oath About Fast And Furious
  167. Misrepresentations, Regulations, and Jobs
  168. Thoughts on Wall Street protests?
  169. Cain's 9-9-9 Plan?
  170. I'm voting for Rick Perry!
  171. Looks Like Palin Is Out
  172. Perry's Grades
  173. If you only listen to LIMBAUGH occasionally seldom or never
  174. The Scientific Consensus Was Wrong
  175. Britain's Greatest Generation Hates Modern Britain
  176. Obama just lost all the votes from the pot smokers on the west coast
  177. Harry Reid Changes Senate Rules To Keep From Voting On Obama's Jobs Bill
  178. Sept Auto Sales
  179. I'm voting for this guy!
  180. GOP sucks donkey balls
  181. Gov. Perry and Gov. Fallin's OU/TX Bet
  182. This is just Heartbreaking
  183. California!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  184. Can someone please explain to me this 99% v. 1% thing at the "protests"??
  185. The Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street
  186. Is this also heartbreaking, or am I expecting too much?
  187. Nancy Peeloski Loves the Sponaniety of the OWS Protesters
  188. We are the 53%
  189. Rick Perry Sucks
  190. 2008 vs 2011, in pictures....
  191. Occupy - ie calling for communism and sex with animals
  192. Badger - Slant of Associated Press Headlines
  193. I got your revolution right here
  194. Should The Wall Street Protesters Be Angry At The Government?
  195. Wikileak: Japan tells Obama not to apologize for dropping nuclear bombs
  196. Biden Using Scare Tactics For jobs Bill
  197. Free Trade bills on the move...
  198. Rick Perry refuses to continue traditional Governor's bet
  199. If you don't vote for Herman Cain...
  200. "Isms" Cartoon from 1948
  201. SicEm might actually masturbate himself into a coma with this
  202. OWS Protester Run Over Violently By Police Motorcycle
  203. CNN's Random Act of Journalism
  204. First black Oklahoma House Speaker chosen
  205. Bill O'Reilly's New Book
  206. the MAD HATTER for US Senate from LA !!!
  207. U.S. Marine Keeping It Real On Wall Street
  208. OWS - A "Den of Thieves"???
  209. OWS Statistics -NOT THE TEA PARTY!
  210. I am totally unimpressed by the Republican candidates in the debates
  211. Teleprompter of the U.S. Stolen
  212. Anyone on here collect Social Security?
  213. The Nexus Between the Occupy Orlando Movement and the Muslim Brotherhood/Islamists
  214. Senate Votes Down Obama's Jobs Bill.... Again
  215. Obama announced Iraq withdrawal
  216. New bathroom reading material for Inhofe......
  217. Herman Cain
  218. Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Moammar Gadhafi
  219. Obama Unveils New Slogan...
  220. Just before dying, Gadhafi got Brutally Sodomized with a knife!
  221. Movies starting to get economic/political?
  222. Is Obama a closet war monger?
  223. More Disgusting, Self-serving, Unethical Obama Administration Behavior
  224. The Most Eloquent President In History
  225. Another AP Attempt to Give Obama Credit for Something He Didn't Do!
  226. Possible U.S. Marine Keeping It Real With The Police Response To Protesters
  227. $1 billion pension railworker fraud
  228. More Marines Expressing Disgust
  229. The Definitive Critique of Rick Perry
  230. Cain Sexual Harrassment Charges
  231. This says it all
  232. When Did The Dems Become So Anti-Business and Possibly Anti-Democratic?
  233. Another new villain: Jon Corzine.
  234. Greece: Welfare porcshes....
  235. How to be a good Republican/Democrat
  236. Good Job Florida !!!!!!!
  237. Occupy Tulsa update
  238. Australian Prime Minister Tells Muslim to Adapt, or Get Out!
  239. Government programs cited as cause of rise in poverty among Hispanics
  240. OWS Violenece - Probably Won't See This Story in the "Media"
  241. O Silvio!
  242. Miscarriage is not a crime!
  243. Psyched about CNBC pub debate
  244. More Loose Tongues at the G20 - What Does Obama Really Think About Our Allies?
  245. $7.8 Billion More Fannie & Freddie Bail Outs
  246. Premature Closing of Political Threads?
  247. THE Ohio state... voted to repeal the union thing
  248. Occupy PENN STATE!
  249. Obama the Coward - Delays XL Pipeline Decision
  250. Colin Powell