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  1. t.u. DEmotivational posters
  2. Chance Mock
  3. God I'm getting old
  4. Yep.
  5. Nice to know your account is not safe
  6. Come on, you should do it.
  7. Who has actually had cyber sex
  8. "Try are McGriddles"
  9. To OU Babe
  10. The Gary England Drinking Game
  11. Hey Czar!
  12. Attn: Little [censored] on Sooner Rd. (This thread has been rated R)
  13. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to <insert name here> again.
  14. Prepare to laugh like you've never laughed before
  15. Hello...
  16. **Unofficial** South Oval Cookbook, 2005 Edition
  17. Kidney stones
  18. Female lower back tattoos
  19. Things a ****ing Hillbilly Should Know... ...about style.
  20. Why don't we argue about cool stuff like this?
  21. I am a Japanese School Teacher
  22. Squirrels can't kill you, right?
  23. Hey Jed
  24. Do you want us to come over and shoot her?
  25. Hmm....
  26. My sons wife is a slut
  27. Hey poison ivy knowing about people. I have a question about how to get it out of my
  28. New Puppy
  29. The right bra can change your life
  30. Misery
  31. Les dreams about us at night
  32. Tom Cruise
  34. Railroad spike?
  35. Most Slightly Above Average Looking Woman Alive
  36. who's interested in a board jihad?
  37. Otters
  38. heh
  39. Reason 198456 why I'm a dumbass
  40. Home Theater System for Sale.
  41. SO Personality-Isms
  42. My eyelid is twitching...and it won't stop
  43. Very funny, scotty. now beam down my clothes.
  44. bad tattoos....
  45. I believe.
  46. This is more nervewracking than waiting around for kickoff of the Orange Bowl
  47. My Decision
  48. whats the most embarassing thing you've ever done?
  49. 'HAH NOON' (A Read & Tex Ritter Sing-a-Long)
  50. How to Motivate Czar to Perform a Desired Task
  51. Check Yo'self, Girl...
  52. Oh No, They Forgot VK!
  53. Who is the dumbest and/or least popular of the mega-posters on the board?
  54. An Injury Report
  55. OKC calendar girl contest.
  56. Screenshot, anyone? Help a brotha out!
  57. if you could kiss one person from the SO, who would it be?
  58. 2001 class in review
  59. Like Two Ships Passing in the Night........
  60. So I'm in the DPS examination station in Norman today...
  61. Damnit Rhino
  62. Reputation Feature
  63. Hi Dean!
  64. Oakley Monster Dog Polarized Sunglasses
  65. Don't marry a career woman
  66. ok, I am REALY confused by the "Hey Beano" thread...
  67. Serious question:
  68. My aggie morning
  69. Charlie Heap of Birds & the Texas Deer Woman
  70. Live feed from waterhole in Africa
  71. After Playing for 3 National Titles in Five Years...
  72. Perfect Albums....
  73. OSU giving away bowl tickets
  75. What did Imus say?
  76. The official "Bitch to Dean about the USPS" thread