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  2. Gentry
  3. trojan_lover
  4. Politically Incorrect Joke
  5. Violent convulsions in Atlanta... (Not for the meek)
  6. "American Idiot"
  7. texas sucks
  8. Coke prices
  9. Where's the love-smack?
  10. Trailorhoma, the final frontier.
  11. Who is your favorite Sooner?
  12. aTm to start teaching sex ed
  13. Religion and morality a contradiction explained
  14. Zero U
  15. This just in.....
  16. Stoopid Sooner Takes Bomb on Plane
  17. Anyone here know Scot Fankhouser?
  18. Bush/Katrina
  19. post-game atmosphere at OU stadium?
  20. osu cowboys #1 in state
  21. i hate to get political but...
  22. Old UT Motivational Posters???
  23. Why in the heck would...
  24. Texas sucks
  25. Apparently the Okla. Unibomber tried to get into the game!
  26. The Ultimate Smack Thread
  27. Gentry....
  28. anti-texas pics here.
  29. Message to Texas fans
  30. Hey, "Blue," you're a TOOL!!!
  31. All you Binghamton Hoops fans on here talkin all that smack
  32. Happy 19th Birthday AustinTxHorn
  33. Tulsa Basketball
  34. HEY NOVA
  35. ALOT of longhorn jokes
  36. 2005 National Champion Texas Longhorns
  37. Como Estan Beetches
  38. The 2006 National Champions are having Duck For the Hoilidays!
  39. **** **** damn stupid mother****er egotistical patch wearing fat *** son of a bitch.
  40. I am scared of Okies
  41. The Smoker you drink, the Sooner you get
  42. Battle of the Inbreds
  43. It really is a shame that the Ducks
  44. awfully quiet
  45. While you were sniping with Whorns...
  46. what now DUCKS?!?!
  47. Lou Holtz
  48. So I guess DuckTruck...
  49. I think it should still be okay to talk about Longhorns in here.
  50. wtf is up the longwhorns asses?
  51. D-U-I Chant
  52. More geographic and socio-economic smack!
  53. Dammit...that gay Poke movie just won an Oscar!
  54. This question for the win.....
  55. New Bush Bumper Sticker
  56. Is nice camel toe a compliment to women
  57. Little Joe
  58. Sooner Convert
  59. Who wants to e-fight
  60. The sextuplet fraud dude!
  61. that lousy stinkin horn neighbor of mine
  62. who hijacked killerfrogs
  63. Barry Bonds
  64. My **** is so big...
  66. CA and TX - stupidest towns in US
  67. election year sucks
  68. Just Curious...have not been on much...
  69. I sit down and tuck when I go wee wee
  70. Colorado eviction notice
  71. Dumbest Asses in the history of College Football
  72. Wow I see why the Oklahoman is Ranked Low
  73. Just got banned from Hornfans!
  74. TUCK FEXAS ! ! !
  75. Fun with Paint
  76. [censored] osu
  77. .
  78. Merry Christmas
  79. SOBs that wrap CDs in bulletproof plastic wrappers...
  80. Question about the OU Scout board
  81. Stick it up your *** Starbucks
  82. Durant
  83. Who is this?
  84. Speed kills you lose
  85. Smack talk with an OSU fan that was derailing a "Make Fun of Stephen Garcia" thread
  86. I have never been on this part of the board.
  87. Email Probation
  88. How Many College Football Fans Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb?
  89. I hate the OSWho bastages...
  90. **** You Major League Baseball
  91. Vince Young vs Everyone Else
  92. A proven fact:
  93. Please tell me we'll never advertise the words...
  94. Look-Alikes
  95. alright
  96. texass is WAYYYYY overhyped, sportswriters are more biased than ever
  97. OSU fans getting all excited for potential smack talk...
  98. Well, Okie St is coming to my town tomorrow..what are a few
  99. 22 Years of Frustration....
  100. Hey VOLS, how do ya like that PAC-10 "officiating?"
  101. OU = Tiger Woods
  102. I hope the Bills lose
  103. Nebraska...
  104. What happened to the Fark area
  105. missou fans:
  106. More impressive?
  107. ok, preemptive strike
  108. Carl still hates the BCS!
  109. It's nice to know...
  110. Kelvin Sanctions
  111. Power out in baja Oklahoma
  112. OH YEAH!?!
  113. Let's play hold'em
  114. The saxet students on this blog. . .
  115. HUCK the FUSKERS ! ! !
  116. Sand Aggie in Sooner disguise
  117. Someone should check the dictionaries in Texas
  118. Analogies that even UT fans can follow
  119. I searched before posting.
  120. I searched before posting.
  121. Phlorida Fans
  122. The T. Boone Pickens alt-energy show rolls across America
  123. Welcome to S*MACK* CENTRAL
  124. OH yeah, well **** YOU TOO!
  125. Wildfires, yep Texas has 'em too
  127. Comrades! Report All Counter-Revolutionary Activities To Obama....
  128. BYU SMACK
  129. An open invitation to CK Sooner...
  130. bevo is ghey
  132. I Hate To Say This
  133. Reporting posts in Smack Central
  134. Zimmy = CK Sooner
  135. Why do you Peoples keep posting the AP pole
  136. CK the twink
  138. (NSFW) 10 Things That Ruin Pron (NSFW)
  139. KC/ an LAS
  140. John Stewart slaps a clown suit on "Faux News"
  141. Hey JLEW
  142. A friendly Interservice Give each other hell thread
  143. Politics Forum
  144. So they say, LAS
  145. Rocky Mountain Realtor Speaks Out
  146. yes, it passes!
  147. i am very happy the health care bill passed
  148. Dean...this ones for you.
  149. KC lets talk our shat here
  150. Would Obama have won if he was...
  151. I Don't
  152. More irony?
  153. Oh Yea...well
  154. And then there are AGGIE JOKES!
  155. If you've been banned.....
  156. Beware!!!
  157. Where's Waldo (Lid Edition)
  158. I think we can stop calling it an obsession...
  159. Hey KC
  160. Just a question...
  161. Alabama Joke
  162. KMA Mofos, for being spineless bitches
  163. Appropos of nothing
  164. Hey Greg, Stooptroup , ST whatever
  165. Single OU-OSU Ticket
  166. Fark Central
  167. The Leopold and Loeb of this board...